Thursday, July 11

The Importance Of Recycling In Our Everyday Lives


Everyone is talking about recycling and how important it really is but many of us only pay lip service to the notion and we very seldom follow our convictions. The amount of waste on this planet is quite ridiculous and the amount of plastic that we throw away every year grows all the time and all of this is contributing to both land and water pollution. There are so many benefits to recycling and so we should all be trying to do our bit to reduce the amount of trash that ends up in our landfills. Some people don’t even understand what recycling is exactly and its purpose is to use all of the waste that we create and try to use it again. It involves a lot more than just recycling plastic because we also have to contend with glass, paper, rubber, and electronics and these are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a number of different guidelines that need to be followed when it comes to certain items and you just can’t dump anything you like at your local landfill site.

Rather than recycling all of the time, it would make more sense to try to purchase products that are being recycled already like recycle bike bags that not only look fantastic but they are incredibly practical as well. We need to move away from single-use plastics and start buying items that have already gone through the recycling process. I shouldn’t really have to tell you about the benefits of recycling but just as a gentle reminder here are some of the more important reasons why you need to do your bit for Mother Earth.

Reducing Greenhouse Gases 

You probably hear about greenhouse gases constantly on the news and these are the very things that are contributing to big differences in temperature when it comes to heat and the cold as well. By recycling, you are doing what you can to reduce the chemicals and greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere by all of the ways that are kept at your local landfill sites. It helps to reduce the overall pollution levels caused by this waste and by recycling most of what you use, you’re helping a little bit to preserve the rainforests which provide us with most of our oxygen. This means that we have cleaner air when we are trying to keep fit.

Saving our Natural Resources

You wouldn’t believe the amount of power that is needed to sort and to recycle items that we have already used. Single use plastic is bad because we have to make more and more products from new raw materials and this proves to be very expensive indeed. We use a great deal of energy in this process and so we are burning oil and gas in order for that to happen. By reducing the number of fossil fuels that we use you’re also helping to reduce our CO2 emissions as well. We use a lot of water in the mining and manufacturing process to get the raw materials that we need and so if we are recycling, we are saving one of the various natural wonders and that is water.

We need to be more sustainable because this goes hand-in-hand with recycling and so if we all work together and try to practice our methods of sustainability then we should benefit as a direct result.


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