Tips for the Over 50s to Keep Fit

Healthy and fit

When you hit that magic 50 marks, aside from being a whole lot wiser than you once were, there is a downside. You can no longer take your health & fitness for granted and those days of partying all night and showing up for work the next day are long gone; this is a time to repay your body by taking up a healthy lifestyle. When you look at old fitness fanatics who are still going strong in their seventies, it clearly shows that we perform better when active and as we age, physical exercise becomes harder and we can easily slip into a routine that doesn’t work body.

If you are approaching the half-century mark, here are a few tips to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

  • Daily Supplement

    A balanced diet is one that contains all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that the body needs, and if your diet leaves a lot to be desired, we recommend taking a daily A-Z supplement. You can order a 3-months supply from the online health food store and take one every morning after breakfast and you should feel an increase in energy.

  • Take Up Golf

    Regardless of your age or gender, golf is a great game to take up; being out on the golf course and if you get tired of carrying your own bag, there is an electric golf cart for sale online by a leading Thai supplier with a great name in the industry. Start with a few hours on the golf driving range and that should be enough for you to fall under the spell and become addicted to whacking that little white ball. Once you reach this stage, fitness is a given and you’ll be on the course at every opportunity, striving to beat the elements.

  • Hire a Personal Trainer

    We all know how hard it is to break that pain barrier when working out and lifting weights; hire a PT and you are guaranteed to smash your personal fitness goals. This fitness professional starts by helping the client define their fitness goals, while also assessing their current fitness level, then a plan is put together and you create a weekly diet plan and a workout routine; 2 days rest out of 7 is the typical regime for fitness and weight training and your PT will be right there with you as you push on through that grueling set of reps, motivating you to do another 5! No pain, no gain, and that’s when having a PT really helps. Here is some information about whey protein, which you need when pumping iron.

  • Build a Home Gym

    If you’re serious about keeping in shape, a good investment would include a pair of dumbbells, a bar, some weights, a bench, and a mat. The spare room is perfect and with a big full-length mirror, you are good to go at any time.

The great outdoors should play a part in your life and should you have any health issues, look for a natural remedy. Click here for some health & well-being advice from the Thai government, which includes advice for the over 50s.


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