Best Torrent Sites for Audio-books

Booklovers around the world rejoiced when audiobooks became mainstream several years ago. Having the freedom to listen to your favourite book being narrated by professional voice artists made the book increasingly more interesting and convenient to “read”.

Today, there are several online sources which allow you to download and listen to your favourite audiobooks. So, we decided to create a list of the best torrent sites for audiobooks that actually work in 2020.

List of Best Torrent Sites for Audiobooks

Here’s our selection of the most reliable online reading audio sources which are ranked as the best torrent sites for audiobooks in 2020:

1 – AudioBook Bay

AudioBook Bay is the biggest platform for audiobooks on the internet. It contains thousands of popular and rare audiobooks, which are classified into over 50 genres for extensive reading. Some of the genres of audiobooks available at AudioBook Bay include Art, Action, Autobiography, Computer, Crime, Education, Literary, History, etc.



2 –

Audiobooks.Cloud is similar to AudioBook Bay and provides an extensive collection of popular and rare books in audio format. It contains thousands of volumes in different genres, such as Health, Fiction, Music, History, Religion, etc. Apart from the thousands of audiobooks already available in its library, there are hundreds of new audiobooks added every day on the site. The search bar allows users to efficiently find books according to the reader’s age, choice of category, numbers of pages, etc.



3 – My Anonamouse

My Anonamouse is ranked as one of the vastest resources for audiobooks on the internet. The site contains tens of thousands of audiobooks, as well as music tutorials, magazines, e-books, etc. It is a private e-book and audiobook community and has well over 5,000 registered subscribers. Booklovers can also find a wide range of graphic novels, educational material and popular magazines on the site.



4 – Bibliotik

Bibliotik is also listed among the best torrent sites for audiobooks as it includes an immense library of audiobooks and retail e-books. Bibliotik is also a private community of audiobook lovers and offers tens of thousands of audiobooks, e-books, magazines, comics, etc. arranged neatly according to specific categories.


5 – Abtorrents

Abtorrents also ranks among the best torrent sites for audiobooks in 2020. Abtorrents has an immense index containing well over 65,000 seeds, thus making it one of the largest online repositories for audiobooks. Many serious audiobook lovers tend to choose Abtorrents for its vast range of new releases and rare audiobooks. Being an audiobook community-based site, Abtorrents also allows users to post requests for books that are not in the online repository.



6 – Demonoid

Demonoid is a large, semi-private torrent tracker that has an immense database of torrents for audiobooks. Although not specifically created for audiobooks, the site contains some of the rarest audiobooks, including from varied genres, such as movies, comics, etc.


Hopefully, this list of best torrent sites for audiobooks will help you to listen to your favourite audiobooks anytime and anywhere in the most efficient and easy manner.

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