How Many Jobs Are Available In Capital Goods?

jobs in capital goods

What is meant by capital goods?

 We can say that Capital goods are nothing but items made by humans which can be used by businesses to produce final goods and services or products.

It can include tools, vehicles, buildings, equipment, and machinery needed to make the products which can be further sold to customers. There is a variety of jobs in capital goods.

What is the importance of capital goods?

We all know that to start any kind of business we required some physical assets. Such as building, tools, or any kind of machinery depending on the type of business we want to start. These are the important things should have to start the manufacturing process and make the final products.

Here comes the impotence of capital goods which can make able to start any kind of production for companies. These goods can be anything not necessarily it can be equipment or tools. It can be any electronic parts found in machine-like coffee machines, fans, and many more. So this electronic industry also contributes to capital goods.

This capital good can be very expansive for sure but without it is not possible to start the manufacturing process.

Can we choose capital goods for a good career?

Working in a capital good industry is a very good decision for one who is interested in engineering and the mechanical field. Jobs in this sector required a high level of skills because this is in the manufacturing industry. Equipment and machinery produced in this field will be used in another field. There are lots of jobs in this sector and very specialized. In this competitive sector, if you have proper skills and have a problem-solving approach you can apply for jobs in capital goods.

Some of the most important skills which you required for these files such as mechanical aptitude, and basic math skills. Also, Knowledge of computers and software will be very helpful.

Different Industries of capital good jobs

There is a variety of sectors that are included for capital good jobs some of them are listed here.

Textile Industry

Various types of fabrics such as silk, satin, denim, and linen are manufactured in this industry. Dyes are also a popular part of this sector and they supply other companies.

Electronic Industry

Today this world is the electronic world. So this industry supplies large electronics capital goods to other industries.

Many electronic items such as processors, telecommunication, and electronic items used in industry and home electronic items are exported through this industry.

Automobile Industry

This industry supplies parts for cars, bikes to trucks. Many enterprises use these parts to build automobiles.

Machinery Industry

The machinery industry focuses on the production of construction equipment and manufacturing equipment. These productions are also exported to foreign countries to produce their special products.

There are also many other industries that focus on production

Paying jobs in capital goods

jobs in capital goods

There are countless jobs available in this industry. Jobs for Engineers, sales representatives, and marketing managers are included in this field. The only manufacturing sector can provide numerous jobs. As this sector can provide raw materials to all other kings of the industry.

 Here is the list of some popular jobs in this field but there can be many more.

Manufacturing Engineer

 A manufacturing engineer has to check and plan all the manufacturing processes and also make sure that all the products meet quality standards.

Sales Engineer

As a sales engineer, you have to sell your services and products to the customer. You must have knowledge of the technical terms of the product. So that you can effectively sell the product or service to customers.

Sales engineers should also provide support to customers when they have any problem regarding the product or service.

Quality control manager

A Quality control manager’s job is to check the quality of the final product and also supervise the staff members. Whether the final product satisfies all the expectations of the customer or not should also be verified by the Quality control manager.

Marketing Manager

The marketing manager has to prepare all the marketing strategies to attract the right customer for their product. Also, all the products made by the company should be promoted by the marketing manager.

Electrical Engineer

Electric engineers’ job is to study and design and create electronic systems which use electricity. He or she should also supervise the construction of these systems.

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager is responsible for searching for new opportunities for the company. Its role is to make a strong profile for the company for the development of the company and to generate more revenue for the organization.

Senior industrial designer

A senior industrial designer is responsible for creating and designing products. These people use their creativity with technology for making product designs. Which is attractive to customers. It can be any product any automobile or household appliances or any other.

Engineering Managers

One of the highest-paid professions in capital goods jobs is engineering management. Engineering Managers are responsible to monitor the design and development of the product. Also leading and managing the team of engineers to ensure whether the final product meets the requirement or nay.

Software developer

A software developer may not be included in production work directly, but companies depend on them for technical jobs. They develop apps and programs for their company.

Robotics Engineer

To work in the robotics department, you must have a master’s degree in this field. Also, you must have knowledge of product management and design. The company hired Robotics Engineer for designing or developing new products or improve an existing ones.

What are the resources to find a Capital good job?

College Placement: Many colleges help their student to get jobs after graduation. Today Many colleges offer or organize such kinds of programs.

Company site: You can check online which companies are in the capital goods sector. Also, check their website frequently for newly posted jobs.

Internship: Most companies offer internships in their company. Apply for such an internship and if the performance is well then can get a job full time.

Professional firms: Also there are many professional organizations that help in finding jobs in your field. You just have to just register your name and will get updates on jobs in your field.


So, this sector called capital goods is the best choice for those who are interested in making and creating new things. Also, you should be ready to face new challenges which will help you to achieve new heights in this field. It always feels great to be part of such a global field that is responsible to run another sector.

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