How to Find Wedding Invitations

Find Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are the first step towards a mega event called ‘marriage’ which marks the beginning of a new life, new relationships, and a new environment in the lives of the two people who are about to get married and all the people associated with them. A wedding is the outcome of months of planning and preparations, nurtured with love and emotions. It symbolizes love, trust, friendship, traditions, and culture in their truest form.

Wedding invitation

Wedding invitations give one a brief idea of what the wedding will be like and can be a great tool for both the families to create a lasting impression on the wedding invitees who will be gearing up for the upcoming wedding. The wedding invitation should portray the taste and likes of the bride & groom along with some important instructions like directions and accommodations. One can opt to either reach out to designers to design the wedding invitation or choose to design on their own. Reaching out to designers in advance helps generate the best results because the designers can understand the couple and their tastes and accordingly create beautiful and suitable designs for the wedding invitation. If the bride & groom decide to make their wedding invitation a little more personalized, they can design it independently. They can also take the help of certain websites like Minted Zola, Artifact Uprising, and Zazzle, which help couples add that personal touch to their wedding invitations.

A wedding invitation should be something personal yet impactful

Certain design apps like Canva, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc., can help couples design their dream wedding invitation with utmost perfection. There should be clarity on the matter of themes and designs the couple is looking for their ‘Big Day’, and then the wedding invitation should be designed keeping in mind the theme and color scheme of the wedding. The couple can even design their wedding invite by drawing inspiration from whatever is their common interest, like music, movies, travel, or could also be food. Inspiration from a certain era can even be considered the 80’s or the rock and jam era of the 90s. Also, the quality of print should be top class so that the print complements the idea and design of the wedding invitation.

Some things that can add to the aesthetic beauty of a wedding invitation and make it look all the more creative and unique are some traditional elements symbolizing the background and culture of the couple, an inner envelope, a separate reception card, events to be held card, giving the invitees an insight to the programs and events organized for the wedding, accommodations card, invitation wrapper, fabrics like satin and lace can be used to decorate the invite, the couple’s initials can be engraved on the wedding invite, and even some sweets and flowers or a bottle of wine with the couple’s photographs can be attached to the wedding invitation. The wedding invitation can also be sent out in the form of a hamper, containing the wedding invite and some refreshments like chips and cookies, some fresh flowers and maybe a handwritten note from the couple. Also read About.

Highlighted phrases

save the date

Couples should incorporate phrases like ‘Save the Date‘, ‘The Big Announcement‘, ‘Attention Everyone‘, ‘That Time of the Year is here‘ etc., in their wedding invitations which would grab eyeballs and induce excitement to take that wedding invitation in hand and look it up. Highlighted phrases like these would arouse interest and set the wedding mood for the wedding invitees to get all dressed up and soak themselves in the joyous hustle-bustle of a big fat Indian wedding. Along with these highlighted phrases, the wedding invitation should clearly state all important details like the dates and timings, ceremony locations, other event locations, and accommodation details in clean and readable fonts. In postage, to post the wedding invitations to the ones living away from the location, fancy stamps like hearts and flowers can be attached to the invite. The names of every wedding guest must be prominent and written to avoid confusion. If one’s guest has a specific plus-one, their names must be included. If they can bring anyone, the invite should include their name and a generic guest: “Mr. Khurana and Guest.” If there’s not a plus-one, just the guest’s name must be included. This is also the way to inform whether or not children are invited. For example, in the case of inviting a family, the wedding invitation should be addressed to “The Khuranas.” And if it’s adults-only, it should read “Mr. and Mrs. Khurana”. Attaching a direction card to the wedding invitation can also be a novel idea because every wedding guest doesn’t need to be tech-savvy; there may be elderlies who may have difficulty in reaching the destination, in that case, a clear direction card comes to the rescue and helps people find their way to the wedding conveniently.

Some good tried and tested websites that help create magnificent wedding invitations are:

Minted, Etsy, Zola, Shutterfly, Greenvelope, PaperSource, Mixbook, Amazon Handmade, and Vistaprint. Apart from these, if looking for professionals who can

design the wedding invitation, a particular budget must be kept in mind. Then, the search begins by understanding the wedding invitation designer’s designs, reputation, and works, or maybe a graphic designer engaged in this field.

The overall wedding vibe and palette should be understood in the invitation design, even during the initial stages of wedding planning. It’s still nice to give general hints of the event in the invite. Since one will already have the venue booked, it could be an inspiration when the wedding invitations are sent out. For example, a wedding held in a rustic setting could feature an invite with wildflowers and distressed wood textures, or a chic city wedding could have an invite with a modern font and minimal design. The invite should strongly represent the couple’s likes, regardless of where the wedding takes place. The most important thing to remember is to include all the necessary information legibly and clearly. Many of these online invitation sites walk one through the design process, so it’s a user-friendly and streamlined experience.

Lastly, a wedding invitation need not be a piece of art; it could be anything and everything a couple desires to communicate about their wedding to the guests. It should just be authentic, organic, and original. There should not be a trace of plagiarism as every couple is different, and they deserve to have their means of expressing their big day through their wedding invitations. It could be simple or fancy, elegant or casual, but every detail should be clear, and keep in mind the bride and groom’s personality to be and their wedding day.

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