Snir Hananya-Marketing Guru Explains Importance of Competitive Analysis


You can use your skills and creativity all you want, but you can’t ignore the fact that your competitor might do something that will make you say, “How did they do that?” The design industry is something you can get learn from your competitors and then can apply that strategy and come up with outcomes and can create a strong customer base. Snir Hananya, a famous web development expert, believes competitive analysis is of utmost importance for any website owner.

He delves into the details of how a competitor brings you a wealth of knowledge in terms of your website design. You are not copying them. You just want to learn from them and then use your own creativity to do something unique. Here are some reasons, as per Snir Hananya, that make a competitive analysis of crucial importance.

Know the Industry Trends

Yes, you want to stick out, but you don’t want to stick out in a bad way. When your website looks outdated and follows a theme that was prevalent many years ago, you disappoint your website visitors and existing customers. Keep in mind that your existing customers connect with everything you do, and that’s why they are your loyal customers. When you visit a few competitor websites, you get to know the ongoing trends in your business or industry.

You have to note down those patterns and make sure that you follow suit. Again, you are not supposed to copy their designs. You just have to learn from them and then use your creativity to give them your own unique touch. Your website has to carry the elements of your industry’s other websites on the internet to look relevant.

To Improve What Exists

Do you know that a lot of online marketing tools now provide you with a glimpse of your competitors’ websites to help you make yours better than what they have? It is obvious and yet it took so much time for online marketers to know that they don’t just have to be inspired by their competitors. The true path is to look at the content of your competitors, and then come up with something that is better than what they have. Whether it is the content on your website or the design itself, you have to do your best to come up with something that’s better than your competitors’.

If they have a one-page website, you should go for a better-looking, longer, and more dynamic one-page website that really keeps a person scrolling. According to Snir Hananya, you should not compromise on the quality of your website design.  Get advice from a professional website design company to help you with your website. A mistake today can cause you to make your customers lose interest in your business only because of a poorly designed website.

To Come up with a Persona

Your competitors will also teach you the importance of your brand and persona. So, an important thing you have to know here is that every brand has a voice, tone, and style. From your competitors’ websites, you will know what kind of personas they have created. From that, you can figure out whether you should create a persona or keep with what you are original. You must not ignore the fact that the images that go on your website must match with your persona and brand voice, otherwise, the whole experience will be forgettable for website visitors.

Final Thoughts

The marketing guru, Snir Hananya, has stayed one of the favorites of hundreds and thousands of website owners for designing their websites. This piece of advice from him can really make a difference to who are begginers. The best gain you can make as a business is not to lose what you have. Are you preparing for the gain?

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