Living with grown step children! Is it easy

Freedom is synonymous with happiness. when I think about living with grown step children. I think of the first tests of independence, of the eldest child who goes to school, without being accompanied by her mother anymore, of the little one of the house who has learned to eat independently with a fork and spoon in the nursery, the first vacation they will take with the friends, but also to the first choices that they will have to make alone, recommended by us parents, but in any case choices that will weigh on their shoulders.

If they behave badly, you don’t have to put up with it

support children

A child turns life upside down and for living with grown step children, we have to teach a lot. Raising a child means helping him to take his own path, accepting that he makes mistakes, resigning ourselves to the fact that inevitably at times we will disagree with him and that little we can do to avoid suffering and disappointment. But what is most important is to teach him to live even away from mom and dad, hoping that his life will be as peaceful and happy as possible. This article collects phrases, recommendations, advice, words of songs dedicated to children, their freedom, and their happiness destined entirely for them …

Appeal to their humanity

living with step children

Living with grown step children, You can overcome it, accept it, feel good enough. Rarely does anyone make it and those who make it deserve a lot of respect? But just be “fake good” or feel disgusting if it doesn’t go down. The situation is heavy and limiting, it would be quite another story to be in two, it cannot be denied. And of these little creatures, we don’t care less than zero, at most a limited sympathy that turns into bad support if the coexistence lasts too long.

It is normal, inevitable because a person without children does not have children and does not know what it means to be a parent. That stepson is for us one of the millions of existing children, one of many, perhaps even unpleasant and heavy. For the parent, living with grown step children, those children are everything, he would give his life for him, he is beautiful and good, anyway and always. Just feel guilty and feel … in the face of the super-parent who sacrifices himself for great ideals. eg. to glue the pieces of a disgusting wedding in which the two have known for years that the thing is not going, however, in the end, the son “must” do it, or because time was running out for the woman, etc. etc. Almost never out of love, in fact, the marriage often ends soon after with the children still small! Many parents have been selfish themselves to decide to have a child when the conditions were not right and they did it only out of a stupid craving to have it at all costs, so don’t feel selfish to give up a relationship with a parent if you start. to feel bad. We are millions and millions in the world and life is one. Enough of false moralisms!

Here are a few words that will keep you in good relation with your step children

living with step children

  • A son is a son: a life generated by us but destined for him, for his good, for the good of the family, of society, of all humanity.
  • This is our obligation to the child: to give him a ray of light, and to follow our path.
  • Be kind and have courage.
  • It is deciding to have your heart around forever outside the body.
  • Words that have poisoned a child’s heart, spoken out of meanness or ignorance, settle in the memory, and leave an indelible mark.
  • Children are continually inebriated: inebriated with living.
  • Love them, feed them, discipline them, and set them free. Thus you will have a good relationship for life.

Living with grown step children may make you happy and satisfied if you treat them well and in return, they treat you well also. It should not be difficult to say happy birthday to your step children, every birthday you bring them a little near to you. their way they will go, their way they will walk and fall, they will always get up their way. But you should always available to them if they need any help.

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