A slide scanner is a gadget used to filter slides and film negatives. On the off chance that you are doing film photography or have slides laying around, it is conceivable to change over them into advanced pictures. To get this going – you need the best slide scanner.

Epson Perfection V850

This astounding Epson slide scanner was produced for all film fans, who wish to change their edges over to computerized pictures at a top-grade level. Its exorbitant cost is completely legitimized by an assigned film-situated checking focal point alongside two arrangements of film holders.

V850 Pro is without a doubt the best scanner for slides and film negatives because of its flexibility and the capacity to fulfill the requirements of both start and experienced shooters.

This flatbed gadget examines pictures of various sizes up to 4×5 crawls with the edges gave and up to 8×10 creeps without the casings. Besides, it examines contact prints and sheets.

Greatest goal is 12,800dpi. In any case, I don’t think anybody needs such high-goal esteems regularly. The gadget filters a 35mm casing at 12,800 dpi for around 2 minutes 30 seconds.

All things considered, select this model on the off chance that you can bear the cost of it and you need the most excellent yield.

Kodak Scania

I think everybody knows Kodak as one of the most noticeable brands in the photography business. Kodak Scanza’s advanced film and slide scanner is another astounding item from this organization.

This model is as easy to understand as could reasonably be expected. You turn it on, associate an SD card, determine the kind of film you have to examine, its size, attract out the holder to embed film, get the film through, and start filtering. Doesn’t sound troublesome, isn’t that right?

Be that as it may, in contrast with most scanners, this present gadget’s 35mm film holder offers just one casing pattern. So you have to take care of the film through the holder, along these lines potentially leaving fingerprints and residue on it.

Actually, the model is certifiably not an ordinary 35mm slide scanner, it is more similar to a camera. Kodak Scanza shoots each film outline with an introduced 22MP or selectable 14MP goal.

In any case, with such a quick speed, the examining quality isn’t as acceptable. The gadget may sporadically trim outputs or have dark or void areas in the sweep.

 Plustek OpticFilm 8200I

Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai is one of the most significant slide digitizers, supporting the 7200 dpi goal. Because of its sharp optical framework, superb apparent reach and shocking points of interest in shadow zones are ensured.

A coordinated infrared channel dominates at eliminating scratches and residue from the underlying negatives and slides without additional altering. The highlighted IT 8 adjustment slide is answerable for conveying exact subtleties and tones.

This gadget is an astounding blend of expertly created equipment elements of the OpticFilm 8200i Ai and SilverFast Ai Studio (progressed scanner programming). SilverFast Multi-Exposure brings down commotion, helps picture itemizing, and dynamic reach.

SilverFastiSRD streamlines pictures and shields them from scratches and residue. SilverFast Auto IT8 Calibration will tone align the scanner gadget shortly.

Plustek OpticFilm 8200i Ai produces first-rate checks from any unique shot. It is the best slide scanner for some accomplished and starting shooters, visual creators, and for all intents and purposes everybody, who needs great enormous estimated pictures.


Pyle PSCNPHO32 is presumably the best slide to computerized converter because of its serious highlights. Most importantly, its 14MP imaging sensor guarantees lucidity and decent detail with regard to examining slides and old movies.

Likewise, the model flaunts a coordinated 2.4″ Digital LCD Display to see the photos right away.

The given goal is up to 22MP. You needn’t bother with a PC as the gadget spares records to an SD card after you press “Spare”. It is equipped for examining 35mm slides and negatives, Super-8 Film Stills, 126 KPK, 110, and 135 Films.

This 35mm best slide scanner satisfies clients with the programmed change of shading equalization and presentation in filtered negatives and movies. Furthermore, it offers a straightforward association with PC, Mac, and even TV.

The model backs numerous dialects (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, customary, and rearranged Chinese, and that’s just the beginning) so individuals everywhere in the world can utilize it. The main downside is that the guidelines aren’t as complete as they ought to be.


This Kodak small scale computerized film scanner accompanies tradable connectors and is viable with most well-known slide and film designs.

Simply introduce the required connector and brilliant innovation will change each negative or slide over to the JPG document, which might be spared to the gadget’s memory or an embedded SD card.

No extra programming is required – it is conceivable to see and alter pictures directly from the scanner. At the point when you see the image on the screen, don’t hesitate to utilize flip and converse highlights to modify the direction or change RGB esteems and splendor to upgrade tones.

All the important orders and instruments for picture altering are situated on the 2.4-inch fluid gem show. To peruse through the menu, push on the assigned natural catches.

The main disadvantage of this compact photograph scanner is that it requires continuous cleaning inside. However, the gadget incorporates a felt brush for clearing the strands off the focal point and light. On the off chance that you disregard cleaning the scanner, the delivered pictures will be secured with hairs.

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