7 Laws Of The Universe For Key Of Happiness

Natural or universal laws always exist for all of us to believe it or not. It’s like there is some superior power which guides all of us, isn’t it? Whatever we feel, we think, we sense all because of some type of energy is there. If we are able to understand these laws we can become masters of life in every phase of our life and helps us to achieve our goal of life. In short laws of the universe give us the best way to live our life best.

Have a look at these laws of the universe, there effect on our lives and how can we connect to these power of laws.

Law of vibration

This law states that everything in the universe has frequency and vibration which constantly carries energy. This law of universe is applied to a massive part of the universe like planets, stars, and on every object present in-universe. Particles which has the same type of energy attract each other. The same law of vibration applies to our thoughts, so always concentrate on what you want instead of what you don’t want. If you want to live your life fullest then focus on what you should do to live that kind of life.

Law of Rhythm

This law of universe states that God has arranged everything in specific rhythm like seasons, day, and night time, all these are natural cycles. The same law is applied in our life. We all have good times as well as bad times also, but nothing is going to be permanent isn’t it. If today is your bad time then just wait for your good time because change is constant. Be positive about every stage or time of your life, then you can enjoy your life in a real way.

Law of Cause and Effect

This law states that to every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. We all know the proverb “What you sow, so shall you reap”, every cause has an effect and every effect has some cause. We should understand that whatever happened in our life happens for reason. This all is just a reflection of our own karma that’s it. So always do good and think good for others and this good, will come as to best in return.

Law of Polarity

This law of universe tells that everything in our life has two opposite sides like good-bad, true-false, light-dark, etc. It’s like how we are going to enjoy our success if we are yet not experienced failure. So always accept whatever happening in your life, even if you don’t like it, still accept it. Because this acceptance will help you to focus on the other side which you really want in your life.

Law of Relativity

This law of relativity states that we should not judge anyone or anything. What is a worse situation for me maybe a good situation for the other one? The life you are living today may be the dream for other people. This is our life and it is always on our side we just have to change approach toward it. Always pray to god for positivity in life.

Law of Gestation

This law of universe states that everyone will get what he deserves, all we need to do just wait for the right time to come. Gestation is nothing but a period of time taken for something to happen. We should always focus on what we want to achieve in our life and work hard for that At the right time, your dreams will come true.

Law of Transmutation

This law of transmutation states that our thoughts are like energy, we can make it happened if we keep focusing on what we really want in life. The universe will make it happen for us.  Always put your energy and efforts, your thoughts to attract your desires, one day you will certainly attract in the physical form of that energy.

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