Pray For Him,Pray For Your Dear One

Prayer!! If we want to define the definition of prayer then it can be like a heart to heart communication to god isn’t it? It is the most selfless thing which we can do for the person who is very precious to us. Prayer is the best way through which we can overcome any challenges in life. As prayer is very powerful it can be considered the best gift you can give to your man or boyfriend or husband.

Pray for Strength

When we love someone or we are committed to someone then we always want to be with him in good or bad times. In his good time, we pray for him for achievements and all success in life to god. We should always be thankful to God for his blessings in good times.

Our life is full of Ups and downs and each day we have faced many problems. At that time pray for him the wisdom, power, and strength to deal with the situation. Always make him feel or remind him that you are always there for him in any condition.

Pray for Your Relationship

Love is the most beautiful thing in this word god has given to us. So we should not only pray for him but also pray for your relationship, for your bond of love. Because everyone is not fortunate to experience this feeling isn’t it?

Pray for Believe

Prayer is the hope which shows us the right path. When we pray for him at that time God will always guide him and boost his confidence to face any situation. Even if sometimes he feels like that god is not with me but when you pray for him he will even come closer to god. God will show him that he is always there and will never leave us alone.

God has always best plans for us. Though we sometimes feel like that should not happen to us but god makes us realize that whatever happens in our life, happens for a good purpose. So always pray for him so that even he can trust on gods plane.

Pray for Happiness

Pray for him, not for any reason. Show your gratitude toward god that you meet your love of life and try to be humble and always be grateful for all the blessings you have.

Always pray for him that his mind stays stable, his heart stays pure, we always are together, and above all pray for your love and believe we have on each other.

Pray for Faith

God is always there to take care of our needs, regarding physical, financial, emotional, or spiritual. God will always help him to learn to depend on him. Pray for him to trust in God more and more.

Prayer is not the only thing that we should do for the love of your life. Try to stand by him in every condition, cry with him and laugh with him, care him, inspire him, and express your love towards him.

When we love someone we always want best for him and god always know what the best is for anyone. Pray is the most delightful act we can do for the love of our life.

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