How to Fix A Flat Tyre If You Are on The Road

Flat tyre

A skill you need to possess regardless of gender is changing a flat tyre when you have a car. A flat tyre can happen anywhere, even in places where you are unlikely to get help quickly. And you need to know how to change it when the need arises. Of course, when it happens at home, it can be a much easier thing to do. But when you have a flat on the road, some challenges can come with that. So here are a few tips on how to fix a flat tyre if you are on the road.

Find A Safe Spot

While changing the tyre at home is relatively easy, you need to find a safe area while you are on the road. Ideally, you could pull off the road and pull into a Toowoomba tyre shop, if you were in Australia. Most of us can’t do that, so for the rest of you, pull off the road and find a safe spot to change out your spare tire.

Turn Hazard Lights On

It would help if you turned on your hazard lights so that the oncoming traffic could identify the vehicle. The sign is usually to indicate to the other road users there’s an issue. The other drivers will then be careful and slow down when they get near your car. This simple act can save you from a potential accident, especially on a busy road.

Engage the Parking Brake

You don’t want your car rolling; engage the parking brake as you prepare to change your vehicle’s tyre.

Place the Jack under the Car and Lift it.

Now, place the Jack under the car and lift it. You can’t change the tyre without the Jack – as you already know. You need to put a small piece of wood under the Jack before you lift the car. When you raise the car, you need to ensure it has been raised to around six inches off the ground before changing the tyres.

Unscrew the Lug Nuts

Using a lug wrench, you now need to remove the nuts off the tyre. After all the nuts are off the tyre, you need to remove the tyre off the car. When removing the tyre, you need to do it gently so that you don’t fall off. When the tyre is out, you now need to set it aside and ensure it’s not in a position that it can roll to the side of the road.

Mount the Spare Tyre

Mounting the spare is relatively easy once you have removed the flat – push in gently with each bolt getting the suitable space. You can then tighten the nuts with the wench. Ensure that the tyre is tightened up well enough that it won’t come off while you drive.

Lower the Car

Now lower the car and keep all the equipment back in the boot of the vehicle.

Check the Pressure in the Spare

If you don’t have a portable tyre inflator, you need to rush to the nearest gas station and check the pressure in the tyre. If it isn’t up to the required standard, fill it up. Finally, ensure that you get the flat fixed as early as possible.

Changing A Flat On The Road

Fixing a flat isn’t rocket science, and everyone needs to learn how to fix it when they have a car. This is how you can easily take care of your flat when you get one and are on the road.


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