How To Find the Right-Sized Carpet For Living Room?


Installing carpets on your house floors is the best way to enhance the beauty and style of your rooms. So, it complements the interiors, and the room looks way more visually attractive than before.

Only choose a carpet after measuring the floor of your house correctly. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you may buy a carpet that fits poorly with your room size. So, it will look very odd if the carpet size is larger or smaller than the floor. So, it is essential to know how you can measure the size of a room and find the perfect size of the carpet that complements your living room personality.

So, here we are going to discuss the importance of the right-size carpet, how to measure the carpet area, measuring stapes, and the best dimension for carpet for  living room.

Importance of Right Rize Carpet

Let’s find what it is essential to find the right-sized carpet for living room.

  • If you install a carpet that is bigger than the floor size or too small for your floor, then the carpet will look out of the palace and hinder the overall vibe of your room. So, it is essential to measure the size of your room and buy carpet according to the measurement.
  • A small size carpet can leave too many empty spaces on the floor. So, there is a risk for kids and elders to fall in this area by accident. However, if you have a carpet covering the whole area, it will reduce the effect of falls and save them from severe injury.
  • Similarly, if the carpet is big enough to cover the whole place almost, it will save your furniture or valuable items from falling.
  • If you buy the right size carpet with proper measuring of the room, you can buy a size that ends before the furniture with a sharp edge, fire palace, or any other dangerous area. So, it lowers the chance for your child to go outside the carpet area as they like cozy and comfortable surfaces. So, it lowers the chance of any accident.

However, there are a few other important aspects of choosing the right size carpet.

Measure Process Of Carpet Area:

Measure the whole area of your carpet correctly if you are using a carpet already and want to buy a new one or replace it. Therefore, you can get the right size, which helps you buy a proper size carpet.

These can be rectangular, square, or round. So, fix the size and shape depending on the area where you want to place it, and then buy your ideal carpet for living room.

Measuring Steps For The Area For Right-Sized Carpet:

You must imagine how a carpet can look in your living room. Therefore, you must follow these steps to measure your room correctly to buy an ideal carpet for living room:

  1. Use masking tape and create a border on the room’s surface.
  2. Leave a minimum of 18 inches of the bare floor to create a frame for your room and establish the walkway. So, leave 8 inches of space if you think the room is comparatively small.
  3. Fix a two-inch gap from the start to prevent buying the wrong size.
  4. Note the whole dimensions after placing the tape precisely at the required places.

So, use these steps and decide the best carpet size.

Best Carpet Dimensions for Living Room:

You can use two carpets if your living room is too big as many living rooms are usually big to host many guests.

If the setting of the carpet touches the edges of the wall from every side, then use a smaller carpet that touches the legs of resting furniture or goes under it. So, use a smaller carpet if you have a tiny room and furniture.


People usually spend most of their time with their family and friends in the living room. So, choosing a perfect size carpet for living room that doesn’t look odd and goes well with your living room vibe is essential.

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