9 Ways to Add a Touch of Luxury Design to Your Living Room

Living room

Did you know that you don’t have to invest too much money to make your Luxury home design more glamorous? That’s right – you can find affordable ways to make your home look like a palace. The secret is that real elegance lies in the details. That means that you can quickly improve the state of your home by paying attention to the right parts. Strategic design is all you need and it’s easier to achieve than it might sound. Here are some of the tricks that will make your living room luxurious and elegant.

Lighting options

Firstly, you should keep in mind that you need to work with what you already have. Instead of thinking about what your living room lacks, try and focus on what it has to offer. It’s often that we neglect these things. For instance, you could already have gorgeous details such as crown moulding or wooden floors.

However, these might seem insignificant if you don’t have the right lighting in the room. You should always look for ways to accentuate the good parts. Lighting, on its own, can be a glamorous element. You can go for a large chandelier, wall-mounted fixtures, or layered lighting.

Warm colours

Lighting is important for setting the tone of a room, but so are the colours. You may have noticed yourself that the wrong colour scheme can make a room look very bad and uninviting. Choosing the colour palette for a room can take some time, but it is an important decision to make.

One sure thing is that you can’t make a mistake with warm colours for living room design. They are welcoming and they can bring a room together. Besides being sophisticated, they will also work with natural lighting and help you get the most of the room.

Accent chair

Every elegant room needs a focal point. If you want one unique and gorgeous, you can always go for a chair. This is a perfect piece because you can find one that will look like it was made for your living room specifically. It will look both personal and sophisticated.

The reason for this is that you can get chairs in all sizes, colours, styles, and textures. You can pick a minimalist one – simple in design and monochromatic. In that case, the chair could be in some rich colour. When getting a patterned chair, make sure that it complements the rest of the interior.

Window updates

Even if you do everything else perfectly and neglect just the windows, your living room will look incomplete. There is nothing elegant in that. When it comes to the windows, luxurious homes usually have the large. If your ceiling isn’t large enough, you can simply hang the curtains above the window frame, as close to the ceiling as possible.

You can play with certain patterns and colours as well. On the other hand, if you already have proper windows, you can improve them with some cellular blinds, Roman shades, or outdoor wood blinds. These will be both functional and elegant.

High-end details

When decorating an elegant room, you should focus on the big picture, but you should never forget about the details. They are what brings the room together and make for a unique and personal feel. They are what bring personality to your living room.

This could refer to materials such as solid wood, antique gold, or marble or it could refer to vintage pieces and books. Even vases, statuettes, and souvenirs could be a part of this collection. All of this, carefully placed, will accentuate the room and give you an opportunity to show how interesting a person you are!

Art on the walls

You can’t speak of elegance without mentioning art. Home design is art itself. That is why you could always put some large pieces of art on your walls. A small piece would be good too, but something massive will make the room look like a part of a palace.

If you’re an art lover, you’ll soon know what fits your taste and makes a good part of your living space. This will make you feel like you enter a gallery every time you walk into your own living room.

Large mirrors

If you’re looking for something that will quickly transform your living room, then you should buy some mirrors. These can be perfect for playing with space and making it seem more improved than it actually is – it’s affordable and simple!

You can invest in smaller or larger unique windows and place them strategically. This will make your living room more spacious and more sophisticated at once. Keep in mind that you should fit the mirrors into your current room – too large of a mirror in a small room can make it seem cluttered.

Minimal style

True elegance means not trying too much. If you want to make such an atmosphere in your living room, minimalism is the way to go. It is so effortless and, yet, so tasteful. To keep everything simple, you should focus on decluttering first.

Everything you don’t need, make sure to remove from the room. Then, start decorating. Make sure to stick with natural tones such as beige, cream, brown, and white. When it comes to statement pieces, don’t put up more than two and focus on functionality always.

Fresh flowers

The simplest trick to making a room more elegant is bringing some fresh flowers in. Besides being gorgeous, flowers are also vibrant and lively. They bring life to a space and they enrich it almost instantly.

Flowers are elegant and delicate. They are so precious that they will make your home as sophisticated as possible. Make sure to go for something colourful and place it in some beautiful vases. You’ll also make your home smell heavenly!


You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home look amazing. Comfort and functionality are always the most important parts of interior design. However, aesthetics shouldn’t be neglected either. With these simple things, you’ll have an elegant living room while staying within the budget!

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