Facts about Spencer List

Spencer List is amongst the talented actors in America. He is best known for performing Fridge and Fox show where he served as an inner child on the mute child’s episode.

Spencer List

Early life

Spencer was born in 1998, Florida in the United States. He is now 22years old. After he was 4years old, he and his family moved on to live in New York. However, life didn’t turn out as expected, and they were forced to search for another close location. At the age of 12, they went to live in Los Angeles. His parents were John List and Suzanne.

Spencer was lucky enough to have a twin sister who also loves acting. They began performing their clips till they were enlightened enough to start acting works at an early age officially. Peyton, his sister, placed the role of encouraging, correcting, and embracing him at all times. Their friendship is the best, I bet.


He has never talked about his education though he is a graduate.

Personal life

Spencer List and Peyton List

She was with his twin sister Peyton List who is also an actress. She started acting at the age of four, where she appeared on a television series playing the meaty role. She performed several movies afterward, though she got no fame. In 2011, Peyton got a fine breakthrough in achieving Jessie’s position on the Disney Channel series. It was a tremendous and fantastic feeling to twin children. Also, read about misty loman.

Peyton started acting on her excellent senses in the year 2017 to date. Though she and List are twins, they are neither alike nor have the same size.


Spencer is a tall guy with 6’2 feet that is equivalent to 1.88m.


Spencer is currently single and has never dated. He says that his age is still young. He got no child at the moment.

Net worth

His net worth is approximated to be 1million up to 5million.  The actual net worth is still under review. The amount is quite reasonable at his age. He is capable of purchasing a luxurious vehicle, apartments, among other properties in life.


Spencer began his acting career at an early age. He first appeared on Fox and Fringe show. He then appeared on the Special Victims Unit playing the role of Tate, where he was Leland Orser’s son, who was also a significant character in the movie.

In 2004, he appeared on the show named the Veronica Show and later on played the role of Ace on One Life to Live I the same prime year. In 2006, List got into television films on Haslett’s Chance playing the role of Owen Haslett. The results on playing the film, was excellent hence motivating him to continue putting more effort into his career.

In 2007, Spencer performed the role of a boy on Saturday Night Live on Lebron Kanye West’s episode on Angry Dog segment. Later on, he served on producing Giraffe’s voice on The Wonder Pets, an episode called Job Well Done, and appeared on series names Offspring, helping the role of rabbit.

In 2010, he acted as one of the significant characters named Martin on Bereavement. The movie was astonishing to offer Spencer a great move on the film industry. In the following year, he played the role of Young Marcus Miller in the Orphan Killer movie. He also starred in the film known by the name Bringing up Bobby.

In the year 2014, he acted on Oliver Nicholas’s role on Night Has Settled and a wife’s Nightmare acting as AJ. The same year, Spencer’s player had bulk works where he played multiple series, including Mockingbird and Foreclosure.

In the year 2016, Spencer acted on Hard Sell, playing the role of Jamie. He was also subjected to play the role of Eric on Bunk’d on Luke’s Back episode. He took a break in the year 2017, being busy with his private life. In the year 2018, he played Carter Hunter on The Fosters but only three episodes.

He then acted on Good Trouble (2019) in the first two episodes.

Peyton and Spencer act as good role models. Their love always makes them shine in the film industry.

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