Why Should You Choose Concrete Trowel

Flooring plays an integral role in redefining the look of the place. There are umpteen choices, and one such option is trowel concrete finishing. These are the seamless surfaces that refreshed the effect of concrete. These can be applied to all kinds of surfaces, both outdoor and indoor, vertically or horizontally. With the trowel sinister finished concrete, you will get a decorative effect. This is suitable for several surfaces and can be customized according to your needs.

concrete trowels

Moreover, the high adhesion will make the concrete trowel finish suitable for any existing surface. It nullifies the need for demolition and saves a lot of time and money. Some specific treatments help in adding higher resistance and also reduces the probability of wear and tear. Thus adding to the longevity of the flooring.

The name is derived from the trowel, which is used in the process. After preparing the substrate, the authorized installs the product with the use of towels.

Can You Use These Over Tiles?

You can apply the trowel finished concrete on all kinds of surfaces without removing it, whether it is ceramic tiles, bricks, and wood. You can obtain a modern surface in a short time. The high adhesion allows you to apply the trowel concrete on surfaces that are horizontal and vertical. Therefore you can coat the walls and other such elements of the house like columns, fireplaces, and much more.

These are also easy to maintain and quick to install. This allows you to change the overall look of the space that you want in just a few steps. This concrete is also customizable with different textures and colors.

Old Floors Coated With Concrete Trowel

You should choose a highly qualified and certified applicator for the trowel-finished concrete floors. Once you have checked to evaluate the surface to cover, it will set the application in the best way. The trowel-finished concrete floors are usually applied to most of the existing floors, is it made of ceramic, wood, or concrete without removing it.

These Floors Are Slip Resistant

One of the key benefits of this finishing is that these are anti-skid. This is because these floors have high adhesion and rough texture. This is the reason why these are used outdoors as well in walkways and pool decks.

concrete trowels

Available in Amazing Colours

The best feature of this flooring is that it is available in different color options. This is a greatly customizable surface. Following are some of the examples:

Grey Trowel Finished Concrete is the best for industrial spaces. These also suit perfectly to the other contexts tough such as the shabby and country spaces. You can also choose to combine these with metallic and wooden accessories.

The brick-red trowel finished the concrete match the stones that typically look Italian.

You can coat the walls using a blue concrete trowel. One can also get a combination of light-colored and jungle-styled details to get an eccentric look.

The possibilities of customizing these products are endless. You can choose to place them on the wall and floors and near the fireplace, tables, and bathrooms. These are designed accordingly and suit every space.

What Is The Difference Between Concrete Trowel And Resin?

The resin floors are epoxy-based. This means that these are based on thermosetting polymers. These have a shiny effect, and it does turn yellow with time. On the other hand, the trowel-finished concrete is cement-based. There guarantee high tactility and a natural effect. This is neither subjected to indentation nor yellowing. While the resin is good for the floors, the trowel-finished concrete is perfect for walls and floors without any problem.

concrete trowels


The trowel-finished concrete is the best choice compared to resin because of its durability and longevity.  These have amazing benefits which are hard to find elsewhere. Choose to deal with the professionals and get good quality trowel-finished concrete at an affordable price. If you are looking for the best option for flooring, then trowel-finished concrete is a good choice.

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