Know About the Anti-Aging Benefits of Whey Protein

Workout Supplements

There is a perception that workout supplements such as whey protein are only for physical fitness. It is only for bodybuilders and athletes. These supplements help refuel and recover the body after resistance training.

But not only does protein supplements help with weight management and muscle growth, but it is also known to mitigate the effects of aging. This article looks into some factors that contribute to aging and examples of how premium quality protein supplements online can aid in growing old gracefully.

Osteoporosis Prevention

Aging hampers the ability of people to maintain strong bones and muscles effectively. Research has shown that older adults who ingest low protein levels are more susceptible to having a considerable loss of bone density. It is particularly apparent in their hips and spines. But one of the easiest ways to achieve healthy bones and increase muscle is by consuming a protein-rich diet.

According to a study, adults who add as much as 20 g of whey protein to their regular diet could improve the healing of bone fractures. Protein supplements contain approximately 20 g of protein per serving, making it attainable for consumers. Premium quality protein supplements online are sold by reputable brands.

Besides protein in meat, whey protein is among several foods that contain all essential amino acids that act as building blocks for the human body. One example of an amino acid chain is leucine. It stimulates muscle protein synthesis and improves muscle growth. For those who suffer from conditions associated with muscle loss, whey protein can be a vital factor in mitigating or slowing its progress.

Dairy proteins contain complete amino acids in contrast to plant-based proteins. Compared to whey protein, plant-based proteins are incomplete. It is another reason why whey protein, a dairy product, remains the best ingredient for those who want to achieve maximum health benefits.

Immune System Booster

Glutathione is a tripeptide in whey protein. It deals with immunity and serves as an antioxidant. It is naturally created in the human body. It is created inside cells from amino acids.

Glutathione improves the integrity of DNA telomeres which can deteriorate with age. Studies show that improving the body’s production of glutathione may slow down aging. Older cells are found to contain up to 30% less glutathione compared to younger cells.

Glutathione supplements provide almost zero health benefits when directly ingested. But research has validated that whey protein is the most efficient way to enhance glutathione intake. Whey protein has high levels of naturally occurring glutathione precursors such as immunoglobulins and active peptides.

Metabolism Booster

In contrast to what some people believe, consuming food boosts metabolism. An effect known as thermogenesis is more intense for protein than it is for fat or carbohydrates. In a study that measured the effects of thermogenesis of different protein sources, researchers discovered that whey protein provided a higher thermogenic effect compared to other sources of protein. Whey also had a higher fat oxidation property.

By consuming more whey protein in your food or using it as a replacement for heavy cream, milk, or butter, not only can you reduce fat and calorie content but can also provide a bit of a boost to your metabolism.

Everybody wants to discover the next holy grail product that will improve overall health. Protein supplements are excellent for fitness and exercise. But their effects on aging are little known. According to research, there is considerable evidence that protein supplements, especially whey protein, have a positive impact in mitigating the signs of aging.

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