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10 Organizing Tips for Your Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity

Why is vanity such an important part of your bathroom? Aside from housing the sink and keeping the pipes underneath out of sight, the vanity is also a major storage solution inside your bathing area. These are good enough reasons why vanity holds a major role in bathrooms.

And if you’ve ever searched for bathroom vanities online, you will know how many styles and designs are available for you to choose from. There are so many options, from free-standing vanities to floating ones, that can capture your interest.

But when you have chosen the style that fits your taste, organizing your vanity comes next. How do you maximize the space and keep your vanity organized all the time?

Use the Doors

Some vanities come with small bars or hooks on the inside of the doors. You can use this space to hang small personal hygiene tools and cosmetics and therefore maximize space. Also read about.

If your vanity does not have this feature, you can make it yourself by attaching a magnetic board behind the door to store small items. Simply stick little magnets on cute holders and attach them to the magnetic board. Then, you can easily free more space inside the vanity by storing some things directly on the door.

Cleaning Supplies Go Under the Sink

Maximize the space under the sink by adding a couple of shelves that can store cleaning supplies. You can also use small pails and buckets to hold cleaning items and brushes for a more organized area. Doing this will allow you to have easy access to things that you regularly use in the bathroom.

Construct A Wider Space Under The Sink

Cleaning supplies are not the only things that can go under the sink. You can add several trays on the upper shelves. These trays can act as organizers and store towels, toilet papers, bottles, and other toiletries.

Transparency for the Medicine Cabinet

bathroom vanity

Medicines and other necessities need to be stored in see-through bottles or jars and placed strategically inside the medicine cabinet. This method helps you stay on track and allows you to grab what you need easier and faster.

Additionally, you can place risers inside the cabinet, giving you more space for extra supplies.

Open Shelves

While cabinet doors keep supplies safe and secure, having open shelves allows you to grab and go. You can remove doors from some of your vanity shelves and keep them open for easier access.

These spaces can hold extra towels and other things that are frequently used.

Use Dividers

Dividers in your drawers help maximize space and organize things better. Using trays allows you to place toiletries or cosmetics orderly and prevents them from getting jumbled in one big space.

Keep Trash Out of Sight

bathroom vanity

If space allows, the vanity area under the sink can also hold the trash can, making garbage well out of sight. This makes your bathroom look cleaner and tidier.

Having a neat and organized bathroom vanity contributes to a cleaner, more spacious, and more relaxed bathroom that can double your spa room.

Thankfully, you can easily get the perfect bathroom vanities online and skip jumping from store to store, as well as the long lines at the cashier. And with the organizing tips above, nothing can stop you from having a bathroom, the likes of which can only be seen in home magazines.

It’s time to get organized. And let your bathroom vanity be the first on your organizing list.

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