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6 Unexpected Side Effects of Diabetes

Diabetes surely has several side- effects. It affects every system in the body and can only cause deterioration if left unchecked.

It is always important to be aware of side effects and progression of diabetes to protect oneself. Both medication and natural remedies including intervention in diet and lifestyle help in keeping the diabetes in control. Young males should be aware of the fact that diabetes adversely impacts the erection process. It is one of the major lifestyle diseases behind erectile dysfunction in males. One should be aware of these side- effects mentioned here.


Lifestyle Diseases

The first side effect is accumulation of harmful fat in the body. It happens when the body cannot use the insulin it produces. This condition leads to a decrease in the good cholesterol.  Decrease in good cholesterol leads to increase in the triglycerides levels. Thus, the formation of bad cholesterol starts taking place in the body. The blood circulation cannot be smooth after formation of cholesterol in blood nerves. The pressure exerted by blood against the blood vessel nerves leads to blood pressure issues in diabetic persons. The way to prevent emergence of  several diseases is to manage diabetes with Generic Levitra 40 mg , which doctors prescribe with a healthy diet and exercises.

Cardiovascular Disease

Blood pressure itself increases risk factor for the heart disease. Insulin resistance which a diabetic person faces also plays a role in hardening of blood vessels. It not only leads to increase in blood pressure, but also causes decrease in blood movement throughout the body. For males, decrease in blood movement in the pelvic area leads to erection issues. Cholesterol formation also contributes to the reduction in blood circulation. The end result can be heightened risk of a heart attack.

Erection Problem

Erection problems in diabetes are seen only in males. A male with diabetes only increases the risk of the condition which prevents normal erection. Even if a diabetic male is not suffering with the erection issue, he is likely to get it in near future, if the condition is left untreated. The decrease in blood movement makes it difficult to have a normal erection.  Resistance in erection is called erectile dysfunction, which is a cellular problem. Though doctors prescribe Sildenafil citrate 150 mg for erection, the total cure comes with treatment of the underlying cause.

The problem is diabetes is that it leads to other lifestyle issues like blood pressure, obesity, and low testosterone levels, which altogether only make erection difficult for the affected male.

Gum Disease

Infection of gum is also observed in males with diabetes. Infection chances increase due to vulnerability to infections of all kinds. In many cases, medical experts note that any sign of gum infection can be the first sign of underlying diabetes.  The other side of the same disease is that gum infection makes it hard to control diabetes as infection and rise of deep abscesses leads to rise in blood sugar.

Weakening Sight

Many diabetic people suffering vision problems without understanding the untreated diabetes are behind the sight loss. The high glucose in the bloodstream damages blood vessels in the eye. The problem is that sometimes the process of vision loss starts early before doctors can diagnose it. The dreaded situation of total loss of vision can happen if the diabetes is not controlled and kept at the manageable level. Studies have confirmed that one person’s rise in blood glucose in type 2 diabetic person raises the risk to normal vision by one third.

Numbness in Hands and Feet

Numbness in hands and feet is another unexpected but common trouble with diabetes. There will be no first symptom for mild numbness in feet and hands, but with untreated diabetes, the condition deteriorates to affect gastrointestinal tract. When it happens it leads to digestive issues, and weakness and pain in the body.


All the unexpected side effects are well observed in diabetic persons. The problem is that side effects gradually start taking place even when diabetes is not diagnosed. That is why a person has to include diabetes checking in their yearly medical examination to rule out its presence. Since symptoms of diabetes do not appear with the early onset of diabetes, one has to go for regular medical checkup, especially those who lead a sedentary lifestyle and high intake of refined products.

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