Erectile dysfunction is a common disease affecting millions of people in the US and other countries. It is very common. Erectile dysfunction is a weakness in the erection process of males. There are many causes that result in erectile dysfunction but stress is a leading cause that results in sexual problems. Other causes of ED are diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, kidney disease, depression, and sleep disorder.

Though doctors prescribe Generic Levitra 60mg for severe cases of erection issues, you can reduce the risk of getting an erection problem by taking care of stress levels. You only have to understand the causes of stress and deal with them effectively. It is impossible to ensure no stress at all in life, but the key is keeping it within manageable limits.




One of the major reasons that cause ED is stress. We live in a busy and hectic world where we are constantly running from one place to another and working non-stop. The pressure to continuously work, face big challenges, and meet deadlines causes stress. Ineffective time management and unhealthy lifestyle choices like turning to smoke as a coping mechanism also lead to stress. Strained relationships at home or in the office also cause stress. There can be arguments and conflicts that make air between relationships thick and sometimes suffocating which leads to anxiety and stress.

The constant want to change things can also create a lot of pressure. It is worse in the cases where it is not in your hands to change something but you still want to. Stressing over things and piling other important things creates more panic and anxiety later in the long run. Therefore, it is important to accept the things that you can’t change. Constantly overworking ourselves creates tension in the body and leads to ineffectiveness. Sometimes there are situations you can’t avoid that create stress and major life changes like switching jobs can be hectic leading to stress.


Untreated stress also creates conditions for mental issues like depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. Physical problems are many like cardiovascular diseases like abnormal heart rhythm and risk of heart attack, obesity, eating disorders, and menstrual problems. Skin and hair problems are also an evident result of long-term stress.

Stress behind Erectile Dysfunction

Stress also leads to sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation in men. It can also lead to low sexual desire in both men and women affecting their relationships. Mental health problems like stress and anxiety affect how our brain signals our body to perform.

When men get an erection it is because the brain signals the penis with extra blood flow supply and this process can be affected by stress. This type of sexual dysfunction is known as stress-induced erectile dysfunction. It changes the way our brain signals our other parts due to a disruption in the natural process. You might be psychologically aroused but your brain isn’t able to send the signal to get an erection because it is affected by stress. On-going ED increases the stress and it becomes a circle where ED leads to stress and vice-versa.


  • Short-lived nervousness and anxiety cause psychological ED that affects the maximum number of young men.
  • Personal and workplace stress affects middle-aged men. It can be caused due to relationship troubles or an unhealthy workplace environment.
  • As men grow older, they experience physical impotence. Losing a partner can also cause psychological stress and leads to loneliness.

Psychological ED tends to go away after so time but physical impotence needs treatment and medication of tablets like Sildenafil citrate 150mg. Medical treatment and psychological treatments are both required dealing with ED caused by stress.


Proper medication and various therapies or counseling are effective ways to cure stress-induced ED. consult a doctor to get the right therapy aligned to your lifestyle and causes of stress. Talk to a doctor when you experience ED for the first because it can be an early sign of critical healthy diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. it can also be the sign of the impending heart issue. Therapies like talk therapy which includes personal therapy, sex therapy, and couple therapy in which you talk about what are the reasons that are causing stress. This helps in resolving relationships issues, building a bond, and reducing stress as well.


Stress increases the risk of getting an erection issue. Alternative therapies like exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also help in reducing stress. Yoga and meditation are tried and tested methods to reduce stress and anxiety. Quitting unhealthy lifestyle choices like smoking and drinking alcohol are good changes for both your body and mind. Other treatments include oral medication.

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