6 simple tips to reduce your blood pressure

reduce your blood pressure

In layman’s language, blood pressure is basically the measure of the force that is used by your heart to pump blood across your body. Blood pressure can be measured with a manual handheld device called a sphygmomanometer. The two metrics are systolic pressure & diastolic pressure. Systolic pressure is what your body experiences when the heart pumps the blood out & diastolic is the interval between two heartbeats. A healthy individual experiences an ideal pressure of 120 over 80.  Here are 6 simple tips to reduce your blood pressure.

It is necessary to maintain a good lifestyle to maintain ideal blood pressure. Here is a guide on how to lower blood pressure:

To figure out how to lower blood pressure, you need to know what the symptoms of high blood pressure are: 

  • Severe Headaches
  • Pounding in ears & neck, high palpitations 
  • Vision problems & fatigue 
  • Pain in the chest & breathing difficulties 

These are some of the best answers to the question of how to lower blood pressure: 

  • Staying calm & collected can help you tame your blood pressure. Focussing on the present & not being disturbed by worries & woes is how you can focus on how to lower blood pressure during emergencies. Sitting under a shade & taking a couple of deep breaths is the answer to your question on how to lower blood pressure. 
  • Visiting a doctor & monitoring your health & blood pressure at regular intervals will help you provide a solution to the question of how to lower blood pressure. Taking prescribed medicines & maintaining an active, healthy, stress-free lifestyle is important. 
  • Tea is a great stimulant that can help you bring your mind & body to a state of calm and help you lower blood pressure. Avoid drinking black tea or coffee, as they are not something that will help you in a situation wherein you are focussing on how to lower blood pressure. Chamomile or hibiscus tea are your best friends in emergency situations to lower your blood pressure. 
  • Including a tiny portion of dark chocolate in your diet is your solution to lower blood pressure. As dark chocolate releases endorphins that will calm you down. 
  • Maintaining a healthy weight will help you keep your ideal & lower blood pressure. As Food is the fuel that runs our body. However, it is not a free pass for eating unhealthy fast food. It is of paramount importance that a balanced diet according to our needs is what we consume. 
  • Consumption of alcohol)will not help your chances of maintaining lower blood pressure. Drinking under a limit might help you out but it is not the wisest of choices you are taking. 

Blood pressure is an ailment that is easy to tackle in its early stages when proper care & control is taken. It requires proper chronic care management, consulting doctors at regular intervals, and ensuring a healthy & active lifestyle that also includes a good & balanced diet will keep such diseases away. Baby steps that are consistent over time will help you control your blood pressure in the best possible way. 

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