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What Are the Common Types of Cosplay at A Convention?

Cosplay Costumes

One of the reasons why people love to visit comic conventions is cosplaying. The art of dressing up as your favorite character has been around longer than you have ever known. During the 1700s, most parents would dress up their kids as little princesses and sailors. Wearing a costume and being someone else even for just a moment is something that most people desire. Here we are going to discuss what are the common types of cosplay at a convention?

If you have gone to a convention, you would have probably seen different types of cosplays out there. However, some cosplayers go beyond imitating the costume of the particular character. They do not just make common costumes. Most often, it is even more interesting and fantastic than the normal costume of a character. There are Cosplay Costumes Online that can help you in creating your unique costumes. The following are some of the common types of cosplay that you can find in a convention.


A humanized cosplayer is a cosplayer who dresses up the human version of a certain creature or object. Cosplayers can choose any character, from an anthropomorphic creature to an inanimate object. Humanized cosplay is commonly seen in My Little Pony characters, Pokémon, etc.



One of the most common forms of cosplay is “genderbent.” It occurs when the cosplayer chooses to dress up the opposite gender version of that character. Consequently, it does not mean that a male cosplayer will dress up as a male character or vice-versa. This type of cosplay is known as crossplay, which is a combination of crossdressing and cosplay. You can find a lot of shows or comics that show gender-bent characters in the canon. A canon costume refers to a costume or cosplay that recreates the attire worn by a character at a certain point in time. However, dressing up like this is not considered genderbending either. Genderbent is what the particular character will look like if you choose to dress up its opposite gender version.

Fanart Inspired

Most cosplayers have a certain character that they admired so much and have cosplayed almost every costume that the character has worn. So, what’s next? The best that they can do is to turn to fan art. They can create cosplays that are taken from a beautiful piece of art and turn them into reality. Surprisingly, they often look very astonishing.

Alternative Universe

AU (Alternative Universe) is a world wherein everything is similar except for one thing. For instance, the Disney princesses are attending school at Hogwarts. This idea is a great inspiration to most fan art, fanfics, and other cosplays. This alternative way of copying a character is inspiring to those who have never imagined a particular character that way.


Each person has their favorite character that they want to portray. But what will happen if you like to cosplay two characters simultaneously? It is when mashups occur. Cosplayers will combine Cosplay Costumes Online and the color palettes of these characters to obtain a new character while keeping the elements from these inspirations. It is a very creative way of portraying the character in cosplay. Most often, you can see this in Star Wars characters, Disney Princesses, and Deadpool.


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