The Best Pool House Interior Design Ideas

Pool House

Having a pool is a luxury in itself, but you can create an even more luxurious space by adding a pool house to your backyard retreat. This isn’t as easy of an endeavor as simply dreaming it up, but dreaming about it is so much fun! This is also when you come up with your best ideas for what type of interior design you want in your pool house.

Others before you have done the same and they have come up with some pretty fantastic pool house design ideas. Let’s talk about some of them!

1. The Alfresco Dining Area

When you invite over a gang of people and you swim, most often you can work up quite an appetite. Instead of dragging everyone inside to get the kitchen wet, you could just huddle into the pool house for a great dining experience alfresco style.

Include in your pool house, everything you need for a barbeque cookout. This includes a state-of-the-art grill, a comfortable outdoor patio table, and chair set, and any extra outdoor kitchen necessities.

You’ll want to ensure that your pool house has its own set of plates and cups. The best type of outdoor place setting is made of melamine. It’s weather and shatterproof.

Don’t forget the minifridge stocked with your favorite beverages to cool you off from the hot sun.

2. A Waterfall Wonder

One of the most stunning pool house ideas is to place the pool house near the edge of the pool and install a pipe from the pool to the roof of the pool house.

Then install a pump that pushes the pool water up from the pool into a waterfall device that spans the length of the roof.

This will create a pool house with a waterfall wall. No matter how else you design the interior of the pool house, this one feature will transform it into a pool house that dazzles.

3. A Greenhouse Garden Retreat

pool House

Skip the traditional pool house and opt for a greenhouse instead. You can then add seating and a few extra pool house accessories and you’ve then transformed a greenhouse into a pool house retreat.

You will enjoy all the lush greenery and maybe even be able to pluck some exotic fruits from their trees to enjoy. What you plant in your greenhouse is totally up to you.

4. Half In Half Out

You can give your pool guests the best of both worlds by building a pool house that provides indoor space and outdoor space. This can be easily done by adding a pergola on the outside of your pool house with a retractable door connecting the two spaces.

This will allow you to hang out with your guests outside and if you need to cool down, you can go inside. Suppose half of you want to stay in but the other half would like to go back out.

You can do this without leaving anyone out by having a connected space in and out. Houzz has a few good examples of what this looks like.

5. The Gaming Club House

Why keep the fun limited to swimming? Instead of a traditional pool house, you can transform your pool house into a gaming clubhouse.

Add a pool table, foosball table, or air hockey table to your pool house. Hang a dartboard on the wall. You can add a couple of TVs with gaming systems too.

This style of the pool house is best for the younger crowd. It will keep them occupied for long weekends and summers to come.

Don’t forget to add a snack station in the pool house with cold drinks and grab-and-go foods to keep them happy and satisfied even when the munchies hit.

6. The Tiki Hut

You can transform your pool area into a staycation hub by adding a “tiki hut” as your pool house. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled to a tropical island with this type of pool house.

The straw top and sides of this round pool house create an ambiance of beachside living. You can keep this feeling throughout your backyard by adding tiki torches around your pool.

Keep the furniture simple and add lush greenery such as fishtail palms, dragon trees, or elephant ears to add the finishing touches. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical island every time you step out your back door.

7. The Guest House

There is no rule stating that a pool house should be limited to use for the pool. You can create a space that will fill a dual purpose.

Your pool house can also be used as a guest house. Simply add a space for a bed and a closet. Make sure there is a full bathroom and seating area and you can use this for either pool or guest house.


This article only contains a shortlist of ideas that you can implement in your pool house decor, however, the potential for pool house ideas is limitless.

Feel free to modify or even combine any of the seven above ideas to suit your needs and preferences. The point is to create a space next to your pool that will enhance your experience and those of your guests.

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