Experience Classroom activities at home with the help of teaching apps

Online learning

Classroom activities have changed due to the pandemic these days and created problems for the parents and students. The use of teaching apps for classroom activities has proved a significant role and area in an individual’s life. Classroom activities are important for the students and their brainstorming. The rapid shift in technology and learning platforms has created the need for training. The experience of the parents, students, and teachers during the online classes through the teaching app was tremendous. Many examples can help in identifying the classroom activities at home through the online platforms from the perspective of the parents, students, and teachers-

1. Brainstorming

Interactive brainstorming is the most important activity performed during the sessions and group discussions to make the decision-making capacity strong. However, this process helps generate creativity as well as ideas that are unique for the students and helps in making them better individuals. Through this process and with the help of a teaching app, the students can easily learn to work together and learn from each other about different activities. By being at home, students can work on their skills development as this app provides many solutions to an individual. Structural thinking is possible using this activity as a mandatory source.

2. Exit slips

The use of exit slip was the best activity that has been used by the teachers before existing the class in which students write about the topics they have studied. This was the best activity because it allowed the students to work on their sessions and listen to the teacher carefully which will lead to better learning. As a student, you must have experienced this activity while using the teaching app because it creates better skill development. However, the use of these exit slip activities in the teaching app made the students attentive during the sessions. Other than this, it has played a vital role in managing this activity at home because, in comparison to class, an individual can easily learn at home without any noise and disruptions. Online platforms such as the teaching app have made this activity possible.

3. Circle the questions

This activity has made a good impact on the mindset of the students. However, the list of questions has been made by the teachers, and in which the students have to circle the things they have not understood. Other than this, it has made effective results for the students because they have studied so well with the help of this activity. Through this, they have circled the questions they have not understood. Being a teacher, you should use this activity so that you may know the things students have not understood and need to be told again. Nonetheless, this has made the teachers know about the activities they should be meant to and it has been taken as an extra exercise for the students and them too. It was only possible for the students when they were at home and started using the teaching apps to work in a better manner.

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