7 Different Types Of Dance To Learn and Enjoy

Dance is one of the best art forms we all know. It is like the best partner with which we forget all our worries and we just enjoy it.  There is a different form of dance in this world. Even in one country, there is a different style of dance based in the region. Different dance types in different areas represent their culture and style. We can also differentiate dance on the basis of music and their attire.

Have a look at these different types of dance. 

1. Tap Dance

 As the name shows in this type of dance dancer tap the shoes on the floor. These shoes are specially designed up of metallic sole on the heel and toe to make that tap. The two most common types of this style are Rhythmic and Broadway tap. In tap, dance performers turn their feet into a musical instrument.

2. Salsa

 One of the most famous western styles of dance performed in Latin America, Europe, and Australia is a very sensual and energetic dance type. In this type of dance, moves are express through lower body portions like hips and legs. Arms are used by one partner to communicate with the other one. Salsa can be performed in different ways on the basis of body roll, attitude and the way partners hold each other.

3. Belly Dancing

 Belly dance is a modern style of dancing. This form of dance mainly focuses on moving different body parts in a sensuous way. This is a very attractive dance form as the movement of hips and the torso is more. Usually, it is performed barefoot to highlight the physical connection between the dancer and their expression.

4. Hip-Hop

 Hip-Hop is an urban dance form also known as street dance. It is one energetic dance form and the performer can dance to show their own personality, not follow predefine movements or steps. As the dancer is free to perform so innovative and exciting dance form can be created. This style is mostly performed on hip hop music to rap and it is the origin of popping and locking.

5. Contemporary

 This dance style does not appear like a dance form and it contains pure body movement and pure expression. Even the costumes are very simple and music and sound are also experimental in nature. Sometimes it can be performed without shoes.

6. Jazz

Jazz is a very well known and enthusiastic dance form. This dance style contains bold body movements. It is like a combo of hip-hop, tap and African dance style, and many other forms. It is mostly performed on upbeat music. In jazz Dance dancers mostly wear Jazz shoes which give dancer freedom to bend and move.

7. Aerial Dance

 Nowadays Aerial dance form is getting very popular. As the name suggests it is performed in the air. These types of dance require special training to perform. It is a graceful as well as a daring form of dance for the dancer. Artists in this dance climb, spin, drop and manage themselves on, curtain sheets hanging on the ceiling. It takes courage to perform this style.

Though there are different types of dance regarding style, attire, and culture all it requires the real soul which makes you feel connected to any dance form. We just have to enjoy it with our hearts.

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