6 Amazing make-up ideas for festivals

make-up ideas for festivals

Festivals are the perfect opportunity to try out new looks and experiment with your makeup. If you play it smart, you can make your festival look last for days on end with only minor touch-ups. With these helpful festival beauty tips, you’ll look great from sun up to sun down!

1. Neon Makeup

Neon makeup is the perfect choice for a festival. The bold, colorful designs are always a statement and really make you stand out in the crowd. You can add neon makeup to your eyes, lips, or nails.

The one thing you should keep in mind when wearing neon eye makeup is to go easy on the rest of your look. Since this will be the focal point of your face, don’t overdo it with bright lipstick and blush as well. It may be tempting to match all the colors together, but this may lead to you looking more like an animated character than stylishly standing out!

2. Celestial Makeup

Start by applying white eyeliner to act as the base. Use a white eyeshadow on top of that and blend it in with your brush or beauty blender (you can also use an angled brush).

Apply purple eyeshadow over the white color in order to give some color to the look!

Using a black pencil, draw some stars around your whole eye area and make sure it is visible on the look! Some people like using glitter for this, but I personally prefer using a pencil liner since it lasts longer!

Take a silver eyeliner and apply it underneath your lower lash line, making sure it’s not too smudged but also not too straight either! Finish off by applying silver eyeshadow and finally, add glitter over everything to make the celestial look complete!

3. Try a smokey eye for a cool look!

Use dark-colored eye shadow, like grey or cobalt blue, to create a smokey eye. You can also use purple or brown hues. Add shimmery powder to the inner corners of your eyes and along your brow bone so that you look fresh and awake.

Use mascara on both your top and bottom lashes for extra volume. Keep everything else simple by using a light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and applying a subtle lip gloss on your lips.

4. Glitter Makeup

. Glitter Makeup

Glittery makeup is great for festivals. It catches the light and makes your face appear more youthful, even when you’re exhausted after hours of dancing.

Festivals can be hot, so spritz some rosewater on your skin throughout the day to keep yourself feeling fresh.

Apply a little bronzer or use a bronzing oil to make sure that you get an even tan under the sun without risking getting burned by harsh rays.

Add glitter tears?! Want something a little more subtle? Try this fresh take on an old classic: glitter tears. This look is all about making a statement by using your eyes as the canvas for your masterpiece—just apply glitter gel in teardrops under your eye, then follow up with more glitter around it for a beautiful finished look.

5. Simple Makeup

Lipstick: Since you can’t do a full face of makeup, you may want to bring some color to your lips. Think about lipstick that is long-lasting and waterproof. Thus, it will be waterproof and stay on for a long period. You must avoid lip gloss or other kinds of makeup since they aren’t sweatproof

Mascara: Mascara is yet another fantastic option that highlights your eyes and makes them more attractive. Waterproof mascara will help you protect your lashes from sweat and tears as well.

Eyeliner: Eyeliner is essential to give a finishing touch to your eyelids. It also helps in making your eyes look attractive without any eye shadow

Setting spray: Setting spray will help set your makeup so it stays on for hours without smudging or running due to environmental factors.

6. Metalic Makeup

Metalic Makeup

There’s no better time to shine than at a festival, and this look pulls out all the stops. The key is to use bold colors, but keep them in the metallic family: golds, silvers, coppers, and bronzes. Add layers of glitter and sparkle over top, and you’ll be ready to slay the festive with this look!

Festival makeup tips

  • Beauty bloggers recommend using bold colors such as blue, purple, and pink to achieve that festival look.
  • You can also use glitter to make your makeup pop.
  • The most important element of an effective festival look is waterproof mascara.
  • A smokey eye will come in handy if you’re spending the day at a festival.
  • If you want a natural look, go for it! But the main idea behind good festival makeup is to get creative with it, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and looks- crazy face painting is becoming more and more popular, so it is worth trying it on the day of the festival!

Music Festival Makeup Essentials

We had a big idea for our summer this year: we’d host a music festival and give it an old-timey, backwoods feel. We realized that the best way to capture that atmosphere was by embracing the latest trends in festival makeup.

The makeup artist at these events are on top of their game, so they know how to balance the intricacies of festival life with the need for flawlessness. The result is a look that’s bright and classy, but not too over-the-top.

Festivals are filled with energy and excitement, so you don’t want to look like you’re in a state of shock when everything’s going on around you.

So, get to work, and choose the best makeup for yourself!

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