Thursday, July 11

5 Reasons to Use a Broker When Looking for Any Kind of Insurance

The mysterious world of insurance can seem a little daunting for the newcomer and whether you are looking to insure your first set of wheels or you want some protection for your family with life insurance, you should always look to the broker. Unlike a typical insurance company, the broker is not tied to a single insurer, which gives them a lot more to play with.

Here are a few reasons why the insurance broker is most people’s choice when it comes to any kind of insurance.


  1. Multiple Associations – Rather than representing a single insurer, the broker would have working relationships with many insurers and can therefore tailor the policy to suit the client. If you live in Thailand, offers a wide range of policies from auto insurance to covid cover and they are an award-winning broker with a second to none service.
  2. Fast & Efficient Service – Whatever you are looking to insure, the broker would be able to secure instant cover without having to visit their offices. If you are on the way to pick up that souped-up Audi you always dreamed of, you can get instant cover from the online broker in no time at all!
  3. Lowest Premiums – Having a lot of insurers on their books, the established insurance broker can usually beat any quote. Indeed, many brokers boast that they can undercut anyone, which is more than a little impressive. No one wants to pay any more than the minimum when looking for insurance coverage and the Internet helps by making comparison easy. Google can locate leading Bangkok-based brokers who offer the lowest premiums and great service.
  4. Get Freebies – The online auto insurance broker offers some great extras; jackets, bags, and umbrellas are often available on certain packages; search with Google to find the best freebie packages and they are out there, you just have to find them! Most brokers have deals with high-end product manufacturers and can therefore offer great gifts for their customers. If you are planning a long trip away, here are some essentials to pack.
  5. The Best Service – An established broker would adopt a ‘can-do attitude and would be very customer-focused and if you are out on the road and are involved in an accident, the broker would ensure that a mobile rep would be with you in a short period of time. The phone lines would be manned round the clock, which is more than a little reassuring.

Once you forge an alliance with an established insurance broker, they can assist you throughout your life, with auto, property, and even health insurance. Regular customers usually do receive certain perks and if you decide to buy a second-hand yacht, your local broker can find the best policy for a fair cost. Here is some information about Por Or Bor insurance which is compulsory in Thailand, regardless of the vehicle you drive.

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