3 Most Common Types Of Air Drills And Their Uses

Air drills are also known as pneumatic tools or powered pneumatic tools which are powered by air. It works with the help of compressed air and in some tools, compressed carbon dioxide has been used to drive it. Compressed air is converted by means of a pneumatic motor in the air drills. The power-to-weight ratio is superior in these air tools and is hence less prone to conditions of short circuit and self-destruction when jammed. Let’s see the 3 Most common types Of air drills and their uses.

This lightweight and handy quality make air drills a perfect choice for various DIY projects as well. let’s see all the other benefits of the air drills.

Air Drills

6 Benefits That You Can Avail By Using Air Drills

  • Pneumatic tools are easier to use than their other electric counterparts
  • The lightweight of the air drill makes it easily movable. You can carry it to places as well.
  • When using an air drill, you need not worry about combating a drop in the electromotive force and hence there is no chance of motor burnout
  • It ensures sparkless use and there arise no safety issues especially when you are working in a damp or liquid environment
  • You can use them in cramped areas as they are compact in design
  • You can easily perform drilling, piercing, cutting, chipping, riveting, and trimming using an air-powered drill machine. Also read about.

Air Drills

3 Common Types Of Air Drills That You Can Buy To Serve Your Specific Needs And Their Respective Applications

  • Air Powered Drills

These are generally driven by compressed air that produces rational force in order to drill holes. These air drills are lighter than other electric drills and are very easy to operate. People who are doing projects related to drilling prefer this type more as you can finish your job easily and also quickly using this tool.

  • Air-Powered Hammer

This type of air drill is also known as an air chisel which is in high demand in construction tasks. Air-powered hammers are designed to cut metals and also to curve stones. It runs by a cyclic percussion mechanism that uses compressed air. Precision in work can be achieved by using this pneumatic tool efficiently. It is designed in a way that anyone can use it whether he or she is a beginner or an expert.

  • Framing Nailer

Woodworkers and carpenters use this air drill tool essentially for daily work. If you are doing a heavy-duty or large project you should use this air tool for deck building, framing, sub-flooring, fencing, and also for roof sheathing. It helps you to attain your work goals easier and faster. A large number of larger nails can be driven much faster than a traditional hammer if you are using a framing nailer. Using a hammer is stressful and also time-taking and hence woodworkers prefer this type of air drill.

  • Impact Wrench

It is easy to handle and people love using it. when you use it, you will surely feel some high torque without much problem while handling it. It also comes with a speed regulator that enables you to control the speed in three different segments. This one has a much high impact when used.

Air drills are available in a wide range of variety of sizes, shapes, and designs in the market. Though all air tools are made for the same purpose of drilling all are not the same. They differ hugely in specifications, features, and applications. So, it is very important that you are aware of the different types of air tools before you buy one for your project.

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