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Will Yuri on Ice have second season?

Yuri on Ice second season


Yuri!!! On Ice is a Japanese sports anime TV series focused on figure skating. It is written by Sayo Yamamoto, directed by Jun Shishido, and produced by MAPPA. It is an incredibly popular TV anime series not only in Japan but also across the world. The series made its debut on 6th October 2016 and ended after completing 12 episodes on 22nd December 2016.

Fans across the world are wondering when Yuri!!! On Ice Season 2 will be out. To help you, we’ve decided to delve into all the details that we can collect about the possibility of Season 2 of Yuri, your favorite anime show.

Why we love Yuri!!! On Ice?

  1. Yuri!!! On Ice is one of the most unique anime series out there. It follows the life and struggles of Yuri K, a former Japanese figure skater looking for glory, his mentor and multi-time champion figure skater from Russia, Viktor and his protégé Yuri P.
  2. One of the main reasons why fans love Yuri!!! On Ice is that it is one of the very first anime shows which have same-sex attraction between two main leads. The entire show revolves around the efforts and hard work of all three, all in an attempt to win the Figure Skating Grand Prix.
  3. The first season received immense accolades, including winning several prestigious TV awards around the world.

However, since the first season ended over 4 years ago, fans are left wondering whether they might get to see the next season made of Yuri!!! On Ice.

Will there be a second season of Yuri!!! On Ice?

Yuri on Ice second season

Yes, according to statistics and scientific predictions, fans can expect another season of Yuri!!! On Ice.

We’ve come to this conclusion after going through the report by Kadokawa ASCII Research Laboratories. According to the report, Yuri!!! On Ice season 1 was so popular that:

  • Yuri On Ice was the most-tweeted anime of the season with 1,440,590+ tweets.
  • This is a million more tweets than its closest rival, Haikyu, the volleyball-based anime series.
  • In China, Sina Weibo (a major social media website) recorded an astonishing world record with over 130,000 posts with Yuri On Ice hashtag.
  • Yuri On Ice has received an astonishing over 2 billion views to date

Here are the predictions to decide whether there will be a second season of Yuri On Ice.

  • Rumors are rife that Yuri On Ice Season 2 is currently under production and will most probably have 12 episodes, similar to the 1st
  • MAPPA, the studio, is being very discreet about the plot of season 2 of Yuri!!! On Ice.
  • The 2nd season of Yuri On Ice will likely focus on Yuri K as his story was left unfinished at the end of season 1.
  • Yuri!!! On Ice season 2 will most likely focus on the rivalry between Yuri P and Yuri K.
  • Viktor is also expected to feature in the 2nd season of Yuri!!! On Ice as a mentor for Yuri K for the Figure Skating Grand Prix.
  • Season 1 of Yuri!!! On Ice was remarkably successful, which also strengthens the possibility of the 2nd season for the show.


According to our research, we are expecting Yuri!!! On Ice season 2 to be launched sometime soon in 2021. The immense popularity and incredible reception of the anime series are definitely more than enough incentives for the makers to launch the second season of Yuri!!! On Ice.

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