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Why to Use Swimming Pool Aerator?

Swimming pools are the focal points of many homes. Apart from helping the family stay cool and comfortable in the hot summers, the swimming pool is also a great place for kids and adults to spend some quality time together. Swimming pools also enhance the beauty of your patio. However, not every homeowner knows how to keep the swimming pool cool and clean.

This is where a swimming pool aerator comes as the perfect solution.

What is a Swimming Pool Aerator?

Swimming Pool Aerator

A swimming pool aerator is a simpler version of the aeration device used in wastewater treatment plants. The device can be simply attached to the side of the swimming pool and it keeps supplying oxygen to the water in the pool so that it stays cooler by several degrees, as compared to the ambient temperature. Hence, a swimming pool aerator is a must-have for homeowners who live in hot climates and often need to keep cool with a swim.

Apart from the swimming pool aerators, you can also get the device for your hot tub or aquarium.

How does a Swimming Pool Aerator work?

Usually, the aerator is attached to the returning line of the swimming pool. The device is then able to spray a fountain of water into the pool using a water pump. The addition of fresh oxygen into water tends to lower the water’s temperature by several degrees. This can make a great difference when you want to dive into a cool, comfortable pool during the hot summer days.

Although aerators for swimming pools are mostly useful in dry climate regions, these work efficiently in regions with other types of climates too. For the best use of aerators, make sure to turn them on during the night. In addition, you can also choose to connect multiple aerators to the swimming pool (for multiple return lines) so that the water temperature is lowered more efficiently and quickly.

Ideally, a swimming pool aerator should be able to lower the water’s mean temperature by as much as 3° to 4° Fahrenheit.

Should I buy a Swimming Pool Aerator?

To decide whether your swimming pool needs an aerator, you only need to consider three major factors, including:

  • Higher Air Temperature – If your region experiences an unusually high average temperature, even at night, then you should buy a swimming pool aerator.
  • Shallow Water Pool – If you have a shallow swimming pool, then the lesser volume of water means that the water gets hot faster. To ensure that your swimming pool always maintains a cool, comfortable water temperature day and night then you should get an aerator.
  • Above Ground Pool – For homeowners with an above-ground swimming pool, an aerator becomes an essential accessory to the pool because the water in such pools tends to get hot quicker.


Realistically speaking, an aerator is able to lower the temperature by several degrees. However, this does not mean that you may always notice the dip in water temperature but the addition of oxygen also tends to improve the quality of water and keeps it clean.

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