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Why learn to code – 5 Reasons to Consider

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Digital Technology has made the life of today’s generation easy. Whether it is apps, websites, or software. However, have you ever wondered how it works?

The answer to this is coding.

Coding or programming language is the instruction that a computer follows to complete the set task.

When computers have become important in our life, learning to code with common digital literacy has become important.

You can learn to code for basic understanding or even pursue a career with it like web developer, app developer, or become a full-time programmer.

Let us understand what is coding? And reasons why to learn How to code?

Why learn to code – 5 Reasons to Consider

Coding is the method of using programming language to make a computer understands its task.

Coding is a computer language, which is used by software to communicate with computers. They cannot understand the human language they understand a specific language known as a programming language.

A programmer uses code to make the computer understand what it has to perform. By using code you can do wonders with computers. Moreover, you can make a website that does other cool things with it.

How coding work?

A computer can only understand the concept of on and off switches. Binary code represents these transistors as the digit one and zero.

To perform a task using one and zero would take a lifetime or two to complete a task. This can easily be done with the help of Programming language.

A Programming language is an infinite number of combinations of these codes to perform an activity with the help of a computer

Is learning Coding hard?

Codings are very simple and anyone can understand their basics. With proper references and study materials, you can learn coding.

Why learn to code – 5 Reasons to Consider

  • Career options

If you know how to do coding, you can unlock multiple career options for yourself. This includes software developers, web developers, network and computer system administrators, database administrators, computer programmers, and many more.

Believe it or not, computer programmers are high in demand. A person who knows how to coding technically lands on a high-salary job.

Moreover, you can also opt for freelancing. This allows you to work from your home for big companies. Job opportunities for programmers are increasing day by day and it is a good career out for the next 10 years.

 You can get a programming job by doing computer science or IT degree. But you can also find a job by doing a diploma.

On average, a programmer’s salary is $84,280. Meanwhile, a software developer’s salary is $103,620.

If not a job then you can start your own business by using coding. How?

You can start a web development company, app developer, or web hosting company.

  • Problem Solving Ability

Another benefit of learning how to code is that it improves your problem-solving efficiency. Learning to code changes the way you think forever and helps you to understand the logic at a deep level. This increases your problem-solving efficiency by 10 fold.

While coding you have to perform complex tasks. A programmer performs these complex tasks by breaking them into several small operations.

This approach also works on your life problems and learning how to code will helps you to learn how to solve your problems in a structured manner.

  • Create Amazing Things

With the help of coding, you can create everything you want from the app to the website. You will be the master of everything. Moreover, it will save you a lot as there will be many times in your life when you will have to hire a developer or programmer. And they will charge money.

  • Creativity

By learning how to code you can also boost creativity. A programmer is a creative person who uses his technical skills to think creatively to solve different problems.

  • Powerful Skill

Technology is now growing at a high rate and in coming years knowing how to program would be compulsory. It is a powerful skill indeed.

Whether you work in any fields such as marketing, finance, HR, agriculture, medicine, science signs, or anything you will encounter day-to-day problems. You can solve them with the help of coding. You can create or simplify your job by creating creative solutions for your problems


Learning to code is an important thing. This can help you to find a job or get a promotion in your field.

You can also solve your different problems efficiently. In the coming years, the use of technology and the importance of coding are going to increase. This is the reason why everyone is encouraging children to learn to code.

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