When Friendship Day Celebrated?

Why Celebrate Friendship Day?

We all know that humans are social animals and without this social life it is very difficult to survive, that’s why we give so much importance to our friends. To enjoy and celebrate this feeling we dedicated a day called friendship day.

When Friendship day Celebrated

Most of the people don’t know when to celebrate Friendship day. There are various histories behind this day and various countries have different days for friendship day.

In 1919 National Friendship day concept came by Hallmark cards, Joyce Hall. The idea of world friendship day was proposed on 30 July 1958 by World Friendship Crusade. In 2011 United Nations declared 30 July as official International Friendship Day but some other countries celebrate this day on the First Sunday of August.

How it is celebrated

People In many countries enjoy this beautiful day by gifting each other beautiful and colorful bands, people meet their friends exchange cards and flowers to respect their friends. Many Organisations also host get-together and Programs to make this day remarkable. Restaurants and pubs also offer a discount on this special day and arrange various events for enjoyment.

Today we all are so busy in our life so this day is a reminder for all of us to value our friendship and to remember all the beautiful memories we have with our friends. We can use the social media platform to post a special video or post to dedicate our friends. When friendship day is celebrated some people stay at home with their family considering them as their best friends.


Some Facts about Friendship Day

Friends is a very essential part of our life. Here are some interesting facts which inspire all of us when friendship day celebrated.

  • Many Reports shows that people who have healthy friendship in their life are very stable in their life. Friends are a source of stress relief, reduce depression, and make us emotionally very strong in our life. Such people live full of life.
  • Like Humans Animals can also have friends. According to some research furry creatures can share friendship bonds with animals outside of their species.
  • For Women, Friendship day is celebrated on the third Sunday of August.
  • There are also different Week for Old and New Friends which is the Third Week of May.
  • February is celebrated as International Friendship Month.
  • The well-known cartoon character Winnie-the Pooh as an ambassador of Friendship by the United Nations in 1997.
  • In Argentina ‘D del Amigo’ (Spanish Friends Day) celebrated as Friendship day on July 20.

All of us require at least one friend in our life with whom we can share everything about our life. A friend who can stand by us in every phase of life. Friendship Day is that special day when we showcase our love to our friends.


We should continually nurture our friendship by resolve fights rapidly. Whenever needed, devote our time to make our bond of friendship stronger and keep this spirit of bond throughout our life.

As we all Know “a friend in need is a friend indeed”

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