What the 2020/21 academic year holds and how to embrace it


In the Year 2020, we experienced unprecedented events. We never knew that as soon as we enter the year 2020, we will be dealing with a pandemic that is not so easy to cope up with. COVID 19 has majorly changed the scenario and circumstances throughout the world; nothing has remained normal anymore. Everything has changed drastically from jobs to the way of acquiring education, from traveling to doing shopping, the condition has been altered in every way. The way of living has been changed after COVID-19 existence.

The educational sector effected badly by the pandemic

If we talk about the educational sector or system, it has been badly affected due to the pandemic. Initially, the educational sector was confused and did not know how to cope up with the situation and how to continue to manage teaching students. However, advanced technology has helped people to overcome challenging situations. Throughout many years’ teachers and students have been using technology but the pandemic has encouraged and enforced the system of learning online, taking the class online completely online essays help UK.

In the upcoming term of Autumn, students will again resume going to the schools. Obviously this year the children and teachers will be undergoing total different phenomena of education and now they not only have to deal with education but more than education. We can even deal with the changes with positivity. There are many constructive measures we can take through these forced modifications.

One of the opportunities which can be availed to amplify the traditional method of teaching is through the utilization of digital tools, individualizing the experiences of students, and surging the engagement.

Analog system of the UK till the date even

Due to the pandemic schools of the UK were closed for six months of the educational year so the educational system of the UK has been exposed that it is analog till the date. Even though the UK is considered to be one of the most advanced countries which own different and advanced kind of technology but still numerous educational institutions are not able to figure out incorporate and assimilate the technology in their way of teaching and surprisingly few of them succeeded and rest of them still fighting and trying to cope up throughout lockdown.

Hence It was proven that it was challenging for the teachers to interact with the students and to keep them engaged when they were running online class the student. According to the research conducted by NFER, they exposed that 90 % of teachers sensed that their pupils were less functioning than the normal. Moreover, this issue is that students even when they are in the school and present in the classroom still it is challenging for teachers to keep them engaged.

In this era, students do understand very well about the significance of digital media

Students of today’s time realize the prominence of digital media and the desire for the approach of learning, which is personalized. The primary way of maintaining the attention of students and keeping them engaged is to give them the liberation of working and thinking creatively, however, if the schools integrate digitalized tools in the syllabus so it will enable learners to interact with conventional ways of learning and be innovative too, additionally assisting them with extensive learning range.

Reorganizing and reshaping the learning methods of teachings

nonetheless, due to COVID-19, there is a reconstruction in the current methods of teachings, and we have to accept the fact that the world is getting more digitalizing. And shortly, we will witness the amalgamated approach of learning which will comprise of in-person teaching taking place in class and secondly through the means of digital technology which means it will empower students to learn even when they are not present physically in classrooms.

As the Autumn is getting near and schools and university are opened again, and this year the management even have to keep social distancing in mind while adopting a new approach to learning. Appropriate technology ensures that the students can learn effectively and secondly work with cooperation on the group projects

Keeping the student’s experience of learning as a priority and emphasizing on long-lasting learning will assist the upcoming workforce

This pandemic will cater to a bigger and significant role for the digitized world in the coming time. To emphasize thinking uniquely and creatively, amalgamating learning done by group projects will be highly advantageous for the students, and it will assist them in amplifying their skills and capabilities, and secondly, it will motivate them to think innovatively and critically regarding their studies.

As the educational institutions utilize group-based learning which will automatically enhance and improvise the skills such as analyzing critically, having the capability to solve the problems innovatively. The famous forum of the world economy has recognized and have stated that it will be beneficial for the future workforce.

According to the study done under the supervision of Adobe and research of over 50,000 over the 18 fields of career, it is concluded that innovation, cooperation, and communication are the highly required ability by employers of the UK.

Enforced students to think in a unique and in a better way

This pandemic has enforced the young generation to think differently about jobs and a higher level of education and, due to the change in emphasis regarding long-lasting learning.

In the future, we will witness that students will be co-initiators and designers of the syllabus that when they complete their school, they would have a better sense that who are they and they would have the wish to learn more and again. Nowadays, the learners require to enhance their new abilities and skills continuously as there is reconstructing and redesigning in the way of technology and it is also reshaping learning and working methods too.

There would be a change brought in the learning and teaching method, but due to pandemic it has forced and pushed the individuals to shift to better methods soon and early.

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