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A Complete Guide on Website Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

What is Website Competitive Analysis?

Website Competitive analysis is a process to know the stand of your website concerning other websites. In simple words, One must keep an eye on our rivals’ websites to know their positive and negative aspects and work accordingly to grow our websites or maybe in a better form to give the outcomes that other websites fail to provide. It is one of the effective processes and you can apply the better strategies that other competitors’ websites are doing.

Why is Competitor Analysis important for SEO?

Competitive analysis for digital marketing is a significant factor in understanding the market, It is a healthy approach in SEO or in digital marketing to get to know what your competitors are doing to win the market and which things are skipped by you so that you can fill the gap. Competitive analysis will give you the real image of where you and your rivals are stands in the market, hence it should be considered as necessary as others SEO factors. But many organizations still ignore it.


So start doing a Competitive analysis for your website, for now, so that you can get to know what necessary changes your website needs for Its growth.

In Simple Words,

  • Know your SEO status and performance.
  • To find weaknesses and fill the gaps
  • Can know which area needs improvement in SEO strategy.
  • Can apply competitors winning strategies for SEO growth.

Okay, Once you understand that you want to do a competitive analysis of your website, the next thing is to come to mind how to proceed.

How to start the Competitive Analysis of a website?

As we know the importance of competitive analysis, we must go with a deep study of how to do a competitive analysis for digital marketing, what marketers must understand about their competition, and what are important factors to proceed with it.

The very first step to do so is.

  • Identify Competitors

Competitor analysis begins with, knowing who your competitors are, “If you run a race you must need a competitor to compete with you and to win tha race, same in the case of competitive analysis of websites, You can spot competitors by finding websites similar to your websites.

To know who are your real competitors, for that must use SEO monitor tools that provide accurate data on a competitive process. These tools offer complete SEO research and comparison of competitive website data in terms of keywords, ranking, backlinks, content, and so many SEO factors.

The Top SEO Monitor tools you can use to get complete insights into websites are

  •  Ahrefs
  • SemRush
  • Ubersuggest
  • KWFinder

These website tools will give you complete health reports of websites 

Here we get an idea of the Semrush tool for how to do so.

Now login to Semrush, In the Domain Overview section insert a website for which you want to do an analysis. It will give you a complete insight into your website along with your competitors as shown in the below image.

Competitive analysis

In the Main Organic Competitors section, you will get the list of top competitive websites through which you can find your competitor sites with states like ranking, common keywords, and Traffic and can calculate why that sites are strong or weak as compared to your website.

Organic Competitors

As shown in the above images you can see that you can take note of competitive websites on basis of traffic,  keyword volume, and common keywords shared by you and your competitors.

You should try to focus on websites that affect your website’s traffic somewhere, which means the website that is quite close to your website states or competitor which grab the traffic on keywords similar to your keywords and make a strategy as per that.

Rather than making a strategy with outranking websites like Forbs, and Wikipedia. Because for such a website you need to work with a comprehensive picture that can affect your current process, hence try to spot competitors who relatively affect your position or traffics, and work according that way.

Competitive Analysis Map

You can also analyze the position of your competitive website through the Analysis map, this map will spot your competitors and show who are your competitors, and display the stand of your website position-wise.

position map

Analyze the top pages of your competitors

After identifying your competitors must go through SEO competitor analysis checklist points which include

  • Looking out at the competitor’s websites.
  • Backlink Competitor Analysis
  • SEO keyword competition analysis
  • Looking out at the competitor’s websites

Once you spot the competitors, sort out your competitor’s list and go through their websites and analyze the top pages of your competitors, this process will give you an idea of what kind of content is posted by competitors, and how you can improve your website by noticing a point which can help to you to make a better plan for that. 

It hardly takes you a few minutes to do so, so never miss to lookout through competitors’ websites for better improvement of websites.

  • Backlink Competitor Analysis

This is one of the important steps while doing competitive analysis, Use the SEO Tools like Ahref and SEMRush tools to find competitor backlinks, these tools will give you an idea of how many backlinks a site has.

Now look at the below images

backlink analysis

For Eg, in 1st image you can have a quick overview of competitor link analysis of several backlinks made by the site in a specific period, you can spot those links and can make links to the same domain as well, and you can get an idea of how close you are with your competitors when it comes with link building.

In another graph, we can see the number of new and lost backlinks of websites so that we can concentrate on which site we should be considered for a backlink.


In the above image, we can check the mostly used anchor text and link built on that anchor, this can be one of the important ranking factors as it gives you an idea of for which top anchors website is ranking.

Target websites on which the largest number of backlinks is made, as this website could be topmost and you can also create backlinks on the same sites.

  • SEO Keyword Competition Analysis

why would you want to run competitive analyses of keywords?

SEO keyword analysis will give you an idea of how to find low-competition keywords for free and how to create a keyword strategy for your website. a keyword analysis is one of the most important SEO factors and shouldn’t be ignored.

Let’s understand this with an example

SEMRush Tool will give you a list of top keywords your website is ranking for as shown in the below image


As shown you can see there are top numbers of keywords for which your website is ranking and getting traffic. Now you can get an idea of your competitors through these keywords.

The top keyword for the website is “what do public utilities jobs pay 

For this keyword, we are getting some traffic, and now it is time to utilize which other websites are ranking for the same keywords and what strategies and content they are posting so that we can also make improvements.

Once you put what public utility jobs pay keywords on the keyword overview section you will get a list of websites that rank for the same keywords with much greater traffic than us.

keywords lists

Now overview the sites and try to find keywords that you still need to target and start working on that.

But for that, it is not necessary to replace the whole content, try to modify the content that gives a better understanding to you and your readers.

Be your own competitor

In this post, we try to cover how to do a competitor analysis and all the important aspects of that. So try to make strategies as per that and improve your website’s traffic and so as leads. You can play with this data and try to utilize different approaches concerning competitors. This information is enough to differentiate between you and your competitor’s website.

Competitive analysis is for the betterment of your website so do not copy your competitors, instead, try to get ideas and apply a more powerful approach and be your own competitor.

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