Top 5 iPhone Accessories you can try out

From its cameras to performance, an iPhone is one of the most powerful smartphones available in the market. This premium smartphone features apple designed iOS and bionic chipset that makes it more efficient than other devices. Apple keeps on introducing innovative accessories in the market to provide a better user experience to its customers. These accessories are designed to fulfill all of your expectations from an iPhone. You might have confusion regarding which accessories you should buy for your iPhone. To solve this confusion, I discussed 5 most useful iPhone accessories in this blog. Read the blog post toll the end to explore these accessories.

1. Lightning to USB 3 Camera Connector:

As we know, iPhones come with an 8-pin lightning port that only support a lightning pin. It acts as a drawback when we try to use it for other purposes except charging. Lightning to USB 3 camera connecter helps in accessing photos of DSLR camera in an iPhone. To make it compatible with iPhone, manufacturers provided a USB 3 port at one side and a lightning pin at another side. You can also use this connecter to access data of ethernet adapters, SD cards, MicroSD cards, and much more. An iPhone user must buy this connecter to watch camera photos in a beautiful retina display.

2. MagSafe Charger:

MagSafe chargers are the future of wireless charging in smartphones. It features a set of aligned magnets according to the batteries of compatible iPhones. Apple claims that its MagSafe charger is compatible with iPhone 8 or later versions. It can deliver an output of up to 15 watts that will charge your iPhone in a couple of minutes. However, you have to buy a 20W power adapter separately from this. You will only get a MagSafe charger and a USB-C cable in the box. I suggest you should only purchase a MagSafe charger manufactured by Apple. In case you are buying another brand, then make sure the charger is QI certified before making a purchase.

3. Apple Watch Series 6:

By introducing blood oxygen monitoring, apple changed the definition of smartwatches. Apple watches series 6 is the most revolutionary innovation in smartwatches. Manufacturers have designed it in such a way that it monitors all the health credentials on a person’s wrist. You can also conduct a complete ECG on your wrist with the help of this gadget. Unlike previous variants, series 6 features eight sensors to monitor blood oxygen and other aspects. It comes with an always-on beautiful retina display that is brighter than ever. Similar to other Bluetooth accessories, series 6 connect with an iPhone easily and allow its user to access calls, notifications, etc. From my point of view, it is one of the highly recommended iPhone accessories available in the market.

4. Micro USB to Lightning charging adapter:

As discussed earlier, the lightning port of an iPhone acts like a drawback sometimes. Suppose your iPhone dies a trip and your teammates only have a Micro USB charger, then what will you do. You cannot charge an iPhone with a micro USB. A Micro USB to Lightning adapter is the best solution to this problem. It is a tiny adapter that has a dedicated micro USB port on one side and a lightning pin on another side. All you have to do is to insert the adapter in your iPhone and connect it to a micro USB. It may not support fast charging but will be very helpful in emergencies. Not only for charging an iPhone, but it also facilitates you in sharing media and data files to the laptop using a micro USB cable. This adapter is portable in size and you can easily carry it outside. There is no issue of compatibility as it connects to every iPhone that has a lightning port. Every iPhone user must have these kinds of accessories with him to charge his device in emergencies.

5. Camera Lens protectors:

The camera of an iPhone is one of its main highlighted features. Recently, Apple launched a three-camera setup powered by a powerful bionic A14 chipset in its iPhone 12 pro. It featured the world’s expensive camera lenses for capturing stunning photographs. To protect it from damages and scratches, manufacturers introduced camera lens protectors. People say that it makes the phone bulky, but in actual, it fits on camera set up perfectly. Like a screen protector, it has a plastic coating that makes it more durable. Whenever your phone drops, it will absorb all the pressure from the camera and prevents it from getting damaged. An iPhone user must purchase a camera lens protector to protect the expensive camera setup of an iPhone from damages, scratches, etc.


Apple has designed iPhones with a unique operating system and a blazing fast processer for better performance. iPhone users use it for entertainment and professional purposes along with calling. As I discussed above, the iPhone 12 features the most powerful chipset, you can play games, watch 8k videos, etc. in it. There are still some drawbacks related to lightning port etc. that frustrate iPhone users while connecting to other gadgets. For enhancing user experience, you must have a collection of Phone accessories. Apple keeps on manufacturing innovative accessories to allow its user to use it in a better way. These accessories are essential for accessing the functions of an iPhone at its fullest. Do not confuse among a glut of iPhone accessories available in the market. I discussed 5 best iPhone accessories to the best of my knowledge. You can choose any of them according to your budget and requirements.

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