Why are all Toilets White?

White Toilet 

Toilets are usually white

We are so much used to seeing these in the same white colour that we have never questioned why it has to be the same everywhere. A white toilet is a standard, but it is not without reason.

In this article, we are going to explain a few reasons why all toilets are white.

Why are Toilets White?

There are many logical reasons for toilets being white as a standard around the world.

  1. Material is Naturally White. Almost all toilets are made with porcelain. While it is naturally semitransparent but when turned into the toilet with some other materials, it becomes white. Manufacturers use this material because it is durable, doesn’t absorb water, and has a long life. In addition to that, it is rustproof that can be great for something that holds water and consistently in exposure to a humid environment.
  2. White is a Symbol of Cleanliness. The second reason for preferring white as a toilet colour is that it relates to purification and cleanliness. This goes back to ancient times when white was used for representing purity and cleanliness. It remained the same throughout history and even today. The idea slowly seeped into the items we use every day. We all want a neat and clean toilet. Because the way things look has a lot of impact on our minds. White has an expression of purity that has a good influence on our minds.
  3. White Makes Dirt Visible: Toilets need to require cleaning. Otherwise, these can accumulate dirt. Therefore, it is important to know when a toilet needs cleaning. The white colour makes dirt easy to see, helping us to focus on cleanliness and hygiene. With proclaim material, it is easy to clean the toilet and keep it shiny to avoid bacteria.
  4. Reasonable Price: Price is one of the big factors for preferring a white toilet. The material used for toilets is naturally white that is durable and economical. So, there is no addition of colours required to add while manufacturing it. There are toilets in other colours available but significantly cost higher.
  5. Easy Colour Coordination: Modern bathrooms are all about coordinated looks. Therefore, you will need fittings and fixtures that can blend easily with the existing bathroom theme. White is a colour that can coordinate with all types of themes easily. A White toilet can seamlessly become a part of any aesthetics.
  6. Aesthetically Pleasing: Everyone wants their bathroom to be a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing space. There has been a huge shift in the past few years towards making the bathroom a relaxing and joyful space. While minimalist, clean looks are on-trend, white is a perfect choice for it. It gives your bathroom a modern and tidy appearance that will become more inviting and relaxing. Creating an aesthetically pleasing bathroom becomes even more important if you are planning to sell or rent your home. White is also a great colour for a small bathroom. It is because of its high reflection of the light and ability to create a sense of openness. In addition, it is great for minimalist bathrooms as it creates the impression of a spacious bathroom.

White Toilet

Final Thoughts

Toilets don’t necessarily have to be white. There are toilets available in other colours. But these are not common. The main reason for a white toilet is it proclaim material that is naturally white. It became popular due to various advantages it offers that we discussed in the last section. You Can Buy a range of Toilets from Royal Bathrooms UK online store Over the years, the same colour toilet has become standard that we see everywhere today.

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