Tips in Choosing the Most Appropriate Bed for Your Child

Just when you think your children have stopped growing, they experience another growth spurt. So, when their trousers wave farewell to their shoes and move towards their knees, and their cuffs eek a little too far up their arms, it’s a dead giveaway!

Thankfully, children’s bedroom furniture is more forgiving than their clothes and doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently. You have the option to buy single beds online, or you can go with a single king bed. Whatever the case, you want to make informed judgments about your child’s bed. So, it’s no surprise that you’re considering what size bed you should get for your child. Here are three things to ponder in doing so!

child bed

Age of Child

Your child’s age will mostly determine the size of the bed you buy. As you know, children’s demands alter as they get older.

For example, younger children spend more time playing. Therefore, floor space is often more necessary than a nice big bed to lie on! So, you can opt for buying single beds online.

On the other hand, older children may spend more time lounging (and sleeping!), so a large bed may become more important. A teenager’s bed is similar to an adult’s bed in terms of design.

Regardless of the size, it would help if you opted for a comfy bed. While size is a question of personal desire and available space, style and design are different.

Also, consider your unique preferences and whether they require additional storage. If that’s the case, a different bed might be the best option.


The size of your child’s room is another issue to consider when deciding what size bed to purchase. When you visit bed manufacturers online, bring all of your room’s measurements with you. As you know, planning out your bedroom layout before you test-rest your new bed will pay off. After all, upgrading your bed or purchasing a new mattress could be the catalyst for a whole room makeover.

Even if your teen wants a double bed, if it means they’ll have to navigate their room like Spiderman, it might not be the most practical size bed!

Quantity of Sleepers

When choosing the size of your children’s beds, if they share a room, you may be limited by space. If having a space-saving bed is your top priority, you have many possibilities besides single and double beds. If you have numerous children for a tiny space, you might want to consider one of these options:

  • Daybeds: A daybed is a piece of furniture that can be used as a bed, seating, or lounging.
  • Trundle Beds: Trundle Beds provide an additional sleeping alternative by storing a second bed beneath the main bed when not in use. It is a fantastic space-saving bed.
  • Bunk Beds: The official space-saving bed is the bunk bed! Bunk beds are actually available in a variety of sizes, not just a single size.
  • Cabin Beds: Another excellent space saver is the cabin bed. Built-in drawers, cupboards, tables, and wardrobes make efficient use of space in these storage beds.

As you can see, selecting the appropriate bed size for your child is not a simple task. But, with the right planning, you will realize your child’s dream bedroom.

All in all, don’t forget the true essence of beds. They are made for people to have relaxation. So, it would help if you highlighted that importance as well in your decisions.

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