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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Party Dress Code

Here you can find the ultimate guide to choosing a party dress code. If you’re not a fashionista or fashion enthusiast, you probably have very little idea about how many dress codes there are. This usually means that when it comes to choosing a party dress code, you’re as lost as Alice in Wonderland.

Party Dress Code

1.     Black-tie

If you’ve been invited to a wedding, anniversary, formal dinner party, or any similar momentous event, a black-tie dress code would be ideal. But what does the black-tie dress code entail?

A black-tie event is always an extremely formal event and as such your dress code should be up to par. For men, this means wearing a tuxedo, black bow tie, shirt studs, cufflinks, and elegant leather shoes.

For women, an elegant floor-length dress or cocktail dress. If you’re attending a wedding ceremony, it would be of poor taste to wear a white dress since this is the bride’s color. When it comes to jewelry, you can accessorize how you best see fit.

2.     White-tie

White-tie events are quite rare these days, but if you do happen to be attending one, you should know how to dress appropriately. A formal wedding can be a white-tie event, as well as events such as stately dinners, royal ceremonies, and balls.

Appropriate attire for men who are attending a white-tie event includes a black tailcoat with matching black pleated pants, a white wing collared shirt and white waistcoat, a white bowtie, studs, and cufflinks, and a pair of leather shoes. You can accessorize this outfit with a top hat, white gloves, and a gold pocket watch.

Women should wear floor-length dresses paired with long evening gloves. When it comes to accessories, jewelry is your best friend so make sure you pick out something extravagant and eye-catching.

Any white-tie event is highly formalized so dressing appropriately is not only expected but required.

3.     Cocktail/Semi-formal

An evening cocktail party is a perfect occasion to wear something semi-formal. And semi-formal means not as strict as black-tie.

For men that means a suit, usually a dark business one, with a shirt and tie. Women, on the other hand, can finally swap their floor-length dresses for short (knee-length) cocktail dresses.

A little black dress is a perfect outfit for this sort of party. To style your black dress, you can accessorize with jewelry. Check out Blomdahl to see what kind of jewelry they offer and you may find a perfect piece to elevate your semi-formal outfit.

4.     Business formal

When it comes to business parties, we have to differentiate formal parties from casual ones. Business lunches, conference meals, and similar events are the perfect reason for you to pull out your business formal outfit.

And what counts as a business formal outfit? For men, business formal includes a dark business suit, dress shirt, and a toned-down tie. Of course, dark shoes and dark socks, as well. To add some bling, put on a watch.

When attending a business formal event, women should wear either a pantsuit, a business-style dress, or a business-style pencil skirt. Elegant shirts and blouses plus, heels, the kind they prefer.

5.     Business casual

Business casual, on the other hand, is reserved for job interviews, Friday night drinks after work, and offices that allow a more relaxed dress code. When you think about it, business casual is still professional but more relaxed.

That means that men can wear slacks and khakis paired with a button-down shirt, open-collar, or polo shirt. A sports blazer or coat is optional, as is a tie. Loafers or loafer-style shoes can also be worn for this dress code.

Ladies can also wear khakis, pants, or skirts paired with sweaters, open-collared shirts, or button-down shirts. If you prefer dresses, you can also wear them for a business casual dress code.

6.     Dressy/smart casual

Some call it dressy casual, others smart casual, but both dress codes mean the same – a mix of relaxed and refined clothing pieces. This dress code is perfect for networking events, home parties, and even professional settings.

So, since this is a cross between formal and casual, men should wear slacks, a dress shirt, or a casual button-down (a polo shirt will do, as well), and a seasonal blazer or coat. The tie is optional in this case.

Ladies should also choose casual formal wear. This means shorter dresses, skirts, dressy pants, or even a nice pair of jeans. Also, dressy tops or blouses work great for this dress code. Complete your look with a pair of classy pumps or simple sandals, flats work, too. Dainty jewelry and other accessories are welcome.

7.     Casual

And last, but not least, casual dress code. A favorite to many, this dress code is informal, comfortable, and pretty versatile. When we say versatile, we really mean anything goes, well except maybe PJs.

Casual is ideal for barbecues, family get-togethers, casual birthday parties, and any other occasion with an informal setting.

This means that men can wear jeans, shorts, cargo pants, khakis, and so on. Shirts of any kind – usually depending on the climate. As for shoes, sneakers, shoes, sandals, and loafers, again depend mostly on the climate and setting.

Women can wear sundresses, skirts both short and long, jeans, khakis, shorts, and different types of shits and blouses. You can also easily get away with comfortable shoes such as sneakers, flats, espadrilles, and so on.

And there you have it, all the important dress codes in one place. Of course, there are also hybrid dress codes emerging daily, but knowing these primary ones, is quite enough. Hopefully, the ultimate guide to choosing a party dress code helps you choose the perfect outfit for your next party.

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