THE KIDDIE ENERGY: 6 Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Energized


Kids are naturally playful and sprightly. They keep running around like no tomorrow. Hopping here, crawling there, walking everywhere. It’s a common scenario inside homes with little kiddos in the family, and even more when they go outdoors, it seems like the kids’ powers have been unleashed. Their dynamism is incomparable! The Kiddie Energy: 6 Tips to Help Your Kids Stay Energized.

Adults cannot relate to real-time although every adult was once a kid too. Their past selves can relate nonetheless; yours too if you are already an adult now. And because you are ahead of them, you are sure that it’s possible for most kids to lose that youthful fuel as they grow older. That’s probably because of physical changes, shifting interests, and just… life. 

But know that it is also important for kids to remain healthy by having healthy energy. Help them resist sicknesses. Keep their body zestful and their mind alert. Here are 6 tips to help your kids stay energized.  

1 – Have physical activities and exercises with them.

physical activities

Admit it or not, most kids today are too lazy to move and are physically inactive. That’s definitely one of the fruits of exposure to electronic gadgets from a young age. In this age of advanced digital technology, it’s no anymore surprising. Sadly though, these hinder them from living a physically healthy and active life, which is, in the most basic terms, not good. 

To introduce to your kids the importance of staying fit and healthy, with a good deal of energy, have physical activities and exercises with them. Play sports. Dance together. Move around. Walk in the park. Go to an open playground. Do morning stretches. Work out with them; it can be the lightest routine for kiddos. 

Starting from the body, help kids stay energized by developing healthy physical habits and hobbies. 

2 – Teach them to sleep early and to rise early.

sleep early

Lack of sleep drains out your kids’ energy. They are not as lively and vibrant as other kids who get the right amount of sleep. In contrast, oversleeping does the same. Although it looks perfect since your kids get more than enough, it actually feels exhausting too. The body becomes lethargic and weak. 

Help your kids stay energized by training them to have a wholesome body clock. Teach them to sleep early so that they can rise early. Do not let them sleep so late, especially because that’s something that they will often do when they get into college onwards – basically when they become young adults. 

Remove screens from their sight, so they can sleep early. They will not have a hard time waking up early the next day if they do and maintain that. 

3 – Feed them yummy but healthy food! 

healthy food

Internally, the body works hard to give kids energy as well. That happens through the food you feed them. 

Kids are drawn to eating delicious foods and more often than not, they like junk foods too. While it’s alright to let the teenyboppers enjoy the treats they want, guide them to have limits too. Moderation is important. Occasionally is okay too. 

Feed them yummy but healthy food. There are so many great options out there in the market. It’s a wonderful idea to customize the food you serve. If your children love desserts, instead of always buying them outside, bake them yourself. In that way, you can choose healthy and quality cake flour, bread flour, flavoring, coloring, condiments, and other baking ingredients. 

This allows you to make food that will put a wide smile on your babies’ faces and on their tummies too. 

4 – Get some sun together. 

Get some sun

Since most kids today are stuck to their gadgets, most of them just love staying at home. They are magnetized by their beds or their couches. Going outside does not sound interesting to them. 

Nonetheless, you should help your kids appreciate the outdoors as well. Step out, and get some sun together. They need sunlight to touch their skin too. It’s not really healthy without it, plus they get more energy when they get to see more light rather than just their dim bedrooms. 

5 – Let them play with kids of the same age.

Play together

Kids get a lot of energy when they spend time with kids they can relate to. Let them play with kids of the same age. Although the home is the safest place, especially for careful parents, you should let your children enjoy the company of others too. You will not leave them alone, of course. You are there. Just let them learn the concert of playmates and friendships outside the family. 

6 – Reward their wins.

Reward their wins

Adults feel more motivated with work when they know there’s a huge benefit. Right? Right. Kids become more energized too when their wins get rewarded. It may not be something they are expecting or are chasing after, but it makes them feel so glad to receive something as a reward. 

Furthermore, not only literal wins but also wins from learning or wins from doing a good deed can be rewarded. Wins are not only about actually getting the crown or the first place but also about gaining learning and growing from the experience. Teach your kids this healthy mindset, and they will be energized to do their best at whatever. 


Kids get to be kids only for a limited time. When they grow up, many things remain but many changes and you know that as an older human being now. Let them enjoy their youth with healthy energy. That does not just mean they are flexible, fast, strong, and agile. That also means they have vitality inside and out, from head to toe. 


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host, and a voice-over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Mauri Baking Supplies Australia, a chief supplier of bakery ingredient solutions all over New Zealand and Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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