Thursday, July 11

Surprise your wife on her birthday with these 5 ideas

Birthdays are special occasions which we celebrate and have fun as these do not indicate the age but it shows that you have added one more year to your memories. You have become wiser and smarter as you have completed one more year of your life. We also celebrate our birthday to wish us luck for the upcoming year. To get all the blessings for the upcoming year. Besides this, the best part about birthdays is that it surprise your wife on her birthday. Also, it is a little tough to make your loved ones feel special on their birthdays. Gone are the days when you gave a piece of cloth to your wife and you were done.

You need to do something very creative and special, as they are your life partners. She has done so much for you, it is your responsibility to give truckloads of surprise and make her happy on her birthday. The first and foremost thing you can do is order birthday flowers. This will give them a great and happy start on their birthday. And for the rest of the day we have many surprises ready-

Love basket


You should grab a beautiful basket and fill it with all the things she loves. You should choose everything that you can to pamper her. Make this and add a carnations bouquet to it. This will enhance the beauty of it. Just keep this on her side table and see the smile on her face when she wakes up. This will be priceless. This will also give her a special start to her born day and happiness will kick in the morning.

Pamper breakfast –

As it’s her birthday, you need to get your hands dirty and make a special breakfast just for her. You can also ask her to instruct you if you don’t know cooking. This should be a very romantic session between you and your lady love.

Shop her love –


As shopping is a favorite thing for every woman, but this will be a little different you need to ask her all things she loves and buy her those things. This sweet and little gesture of yours will surely make her happy and feel like every day should be her birthday. Or to make it more fun you can buy her things to make love. Make it more sexual with adding erotic things that as a couple you guys think. You can also keep it a surprise to see her reaction.

Evening love letter –

memory gift

Love letters are the best things you can give her a surprise. This will remind you of how long both of you have come together. How beautiful this journey was with your lady. Pour your heart out on a letter and let her absorb the beauty of your heart and love. As love letters as the best things to express love and if you do it on her birthday this can never go wrong. A wife doesn’t want expensive gifts, you just give them your time and love and they will be happy. As women always value feelings more than materialistic things.

Dinner Date –

dinner date

A candlelight dinner in her favorite restaurant is a little old-fashioned but trust me it is the best way to celebrate her birthday and spend some time together. You know how important it is to spend time together and tell each other how important they are for you. What better day than her birthday to make a resolution that “we will take out time from our busy schedule and spend a whole day together once a month.
These are the 5 surprises which you can give your wife and her feel special. These surprises are arranged in ascending order only so you can do all five of them and make her feel extra special. As more is always better and after all, it’s her birthday. She deserves every bit of your love and care.

If for any reason you can’t be together with your wife on her special day. You should send flowers to India, as this will cover your and flowers will make her feel better. Your absence can’t be filled by anyone but your little effort can make a lot of change.


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