ObuseForme Office Chair for Back Support

Working in an office for a long time can cause back and neck pain. Office chairs can promote bad posture because most folks slouch when using them. This puts more stress on the lower back, legs, and neck. Slouching for an extended period puts pressure on the discs in your back; this leads to pain and stiffness. Sitting for long periods is unhealthy; however, you can do various things to prevent this. For instance, replacing your office chairs with ObuseForme office chairs for back support.

ObuseForme Office Chair

What is ObuseForme?

You might wonder what is ObuseForme? It’s a premium brand within a wellness group that deals with consumer and professional markets. It is a worldwide leader in ergonomics with the determination to develop innovative products that improve posture, maximize comfort, and help prevent injury, and help in recovery.

ObuseForme focuses on creating products for the human body. How was it invented? In 1970, an industrial designer injured his back while playing tennis and was advised to have an operation to prevent the pain from recurring. Before doing this, he researched the outcomes of back operations and found out that most patients had been operated on several times, and the pain did not go away.

When his body cast was made, he found out that it relieved pain, and when removed, the pain returned; he could not sit for an extended period. He needed a product that would allow him to work without discomfort. He was so frustrated that he sawed his body cast and covered it with pillowcase and foam, and supported his back with it in his office chair and car. This caused the pain to subside. Eventually, production began in 1980, and he named this company ObuseForme.

ObuseForme Benefits

ObuseForme office chair provides back support as you work for extended periods.

What are ObuseForme pros and cons? There are many ObuseForme benefits; it a backrest seat cushion that can be used as a car seat pillow or desk chair to massage your entire back. It is portable; you can use it in your car, office chair, and couch at home. You will experience the same comfort as relaxing on a massage chair.

The health benefits of ObuseForme are advantageous for everybody, whether you’re active or sit at your desk all day. Many events can cause back pain like arthritis, osteoporosis, accidents, etc., which can cause discomfort and limit your mobility. However, ObuseForme gives you comfort and alleviates the pain. It is a backrest massage cushion with various selections to massage your lower, middle, upper, and thighs. You can use it while exploring the best-dating sites 2021 on your desktop.

How it Works

ObuseForme Office Chair

The ObuseForme for back relief has a merged backrest frame. It curves to accommodate the natural shape of your spine and fits perfectly on all standard chairs, couches, and car seats.

It has a LED touchpad controller that allows you to choose any massage option. You can focus on your thighs or upper back. You can also select programs like ‘up and down,’ ‘side to side,’ ‘mix,’ or ‘all’. It also allows you to choose the speed and intensity. The ObuseForme office chair shuts off after 30 minutes.

ObuseForme Types

There are various ObuseForme types to choose from, for instance, the ObuseForme low back support cushion. It is the original patented backrest support, has a patented lumbar pad to provide additional support to your lower back; the lumbar pad is adjustable and removable. You can also place the lumbar pad inside the backrest.

The other type is ObuseForme high back support cushion; it is an award-winning frame with extra head support. It has a patented lumbar pad for supporting the lower back. You can remove the cover and wash the sponge. It is specially designed for vehicles. The

ObuseForme wide back support cushion is 3 inches wider and an inch taller than the low back support cushion; this back support is designed for broader backs. It provides additional support; you can remove or adjust the lumbar pads or place them inside the backrest, it comes in a carton of 4, and you can remove and wash the cover.

How to Choose ObuseForme

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to choose an ObuseForme office chair because all of them have beautiful features and advantages. You can choose depending on removable lumbar support; it helps, especially if your back hurts a lot. The portable back massage comes with 2 different plug-in options; one for your car lighter and the other for a standard indoor outlet. This is an excellent option because it allows you to take it with you. If you take long trips, this is a great option to prevent stiffness or back pain.


Back pain is not only uncomfortable, but it interferes with your everyday life. Although surgery might help to alleviate the pain, you might still experience some discomfort. ObuseForme provides a simple option to back pain and stiffness by providing a seat cushion that provides comfort and eliminates pain.

How do you intend to use the ObuseForme chair? Please leave a comment.

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