Motoring Tips to Save you Money

Motoring Tips

We are all aware that owning a car comes with a huge price tag; not just the cost of the vehicle, but also running the car and maintaining it. There are, however, a few ways that you can cut your motoring bill, which we outline in this short article.

  • DIY Servicing

If you are mechanically-minded and have a decent tool kit, you can save a lot by servicing your car instead of taking it to a garage. The hourly rate for a qualified mechanic is more than outrageous and it would take a few hours to carry out a typical service and that’s cash you could be spending on add-ons. If your car is still under warranty, best leave the servicing to the dealership, as self-maintenance could void your warranty.

  • Used Tyres 

In case you didn’t know, it is trendy to put wide wheels on your car and many drivers do just that, which means they also have to change the tyres and that means you can easily find quality tyres at, the leading Brisbane tyre supplier that offers 5-star service with a smile. You can typically find brand name tyres with a couple of years of driving left in them and prices are more than reasonable, plus the supplier will issue a warranty.

  • Auto Insurance

long drive

Every driver must insure their vehicle for obvious reasons, yet by surfing the web, you can easily compare premiums and by going for the cheapest, you have saved money. Once a secure online payment is made, the cover is immediate, so you can pick up that 3-year old BMW 5 and not worry about insurance. If you are an experienced driver with a clean licence, some insurers offer cheaper premiums; if your car is a few years old, perhaps third-party would be sufficient, plus you get some good deals with class 3+ insurance. If you are planning a long trip, here are a few tips about items to pack.

  • Limit Red Line Driving

We all know that the raw power lies around the red line, yet extra performance means guzzling gas; while it is fine to race through the gears on an open road now and again, to clear the carbs, if you resist the temptation to floor it, there are fuel savings to be had. Rather than using the gears to slow down, apply more pressure on the brakes and your wallet will thank you. Try it for one month, consciously make an effort to keep your engine rpm down and log your fuel stops, which should save a few dollars. Click here for info on Australia’s plans to secure future energy needs.

  • Second-Hand Car Parts

When you are in need of a new radiator or alternator, search online for your local car breakers yard, where you should find what you are looking for. The breaker’s website would have an easy search system that quickly takes you to the part you need and if they haven’t got what you’re looking for, they can quickly source it.

While the cost of running a car is high, using the above strategies can really reduce your motoring costs, giving you extra cash to buy add-ons.

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