Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension: Know Its Features

Magento multi vendor marketplace extension is an online platform with multiple vendors. In this, the trade products can be done without using another platform for a single purpose.

There might variable conditions that derive the necessary for magneto multi vendor marketplace extension. In a marketplace where the one product come from distributors with different price tags, in magneto 2 multi vendor marketplace extension you can link different store at one platform like clothes store, bookstore and more.

In this platform, the vendor has the benefit to connect with each activity. They can upload and take a control of their own products and customers can buy the product through an online portal. The owner will get a commission on each product purchased.

Magento 2 marketplace extension is the best suited for the E-commerce marketplace development process. Magento has a regular update, with new features and secured information. There are no issues with PCI compliance, as this platform takes a big part of the work.

Magento multi vendor

Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace Extension

Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace extension support in converting online stores. With help of these extensions, you can convert your online store into a marketplace with multi vendor portal management.

The availability of online features supports the owners for their business needs. This permits the owners to change the product catalog, invoices, requirements and the store owner has the advantage of using all features on a single platform.

Product Sale Commission

The admin has the privilege to set the global commission rate for each and every sale made by the seller.

Attribute Set ID

The admin can choose on what aspect set can sellers utilized to add new products to the catalog.

Allow Seller To Manage Orders

The admin can give permission to sellers to manage their orders. Once it has been proved by the admin, the sellers can prepare invoices and track the shipment process, cancel or refund can be done.

Moreover, they can take a printout of the orders from the front panel, retailers can send notifications by email to their clients.

Admin Control

The admin can preferable choice to having taken more control of the marketplace to automation. The admin can provide access to anyone to sign up and become a vendor and they start selling their product to the marketplace.

The admin to access to the seller to add products to the marketplace or product updating with any confirmation.

Inventory Settings

The admin can also send a notification email to its vendor on the stock information. By setting the quality level to low in configuration, where the email sends to sellers correspondingly.

Marketplace Seller Panel Management

When the retailer added to the marketplace on my account page, the retailer can change the profile setting to generate the products configurable and along with that there can view the product list from the seller dashboard.

Retailer Information

The retailer can access the vendor list, they can rename the vendor and contact information, banner, site information, logo, shipping information, policy, and more.

The vendors can provide multiple social media links on their stores. There is also a change request that can be taken, from the profile page, review pages, URL, and collection page.

Seller Dashboard

The seller can go through the section on their revenue information, with this tracking information on revenue flow with help of monthly representation for their business growth.

It represents the daily, weekly, and monthly revenue flow chart on the marketplace. Along with that, they can check out the vendor’s payout and the balance amount on the dashboard. The status views, new orders, comments, and reviews all can be viewed by the seller. Here the retailer can raise a question to the admin from the same group.

Finally, the admin can have all options for configuration on Magento 2 multi-vendor marketplace extension.

Benefits of Magento 2 Multi vendor Marketplace Extension

  • A simple installation and manage modules with basics.
  • The module supports all required features of an online marketplace.
  • Having whole control on enabling or disable of a product by the vendor
  • The admin can give approval or remove any products or vendors
  • Seller can build their own design format of the products
  • Permitting or enhance orders, products, transactions, and other statements.
  • The users suggest on marketplace site through social media channels.
  • The customers can send information to vendors, on the product purchased or need more specific information on the product.


Today building an online marketplace is a great business and a good opportunity from the traditional online store. Building a Magento 2 multi vendor marketplace is the main goal for making a profit with your eCommerce business. The main resources are entirely justified by the results you get in the future. The magneto 2 multi vendor marketplace is great and turns your business into a successful one.

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