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How to Propose Like a Gentleman

Propose like a Gentleman

A romantic proposal from a gentleman would not be complete without an engagement ring. While the couple might get caught up in romance, an engagement ring is a significant expense and a significant matter on the whole.

Because there is undeniable pressure that comes with finding the perfect ring that would fit both your budget and your woman’s expectations, below are some of the essential things you ought to know before looking at engagement rings.

Narrow down to what shape of diamond your partner wants

If you know what diamond shape your significant other wants, you have one less problem as it helps focus the hunt for the perfect engagement ring immensely. While there are many factors to consider that determine the price of your ring of choice, an engagement ring’s price is highly dependent on the diamond’s shape, which is also called the cut.

Round-cut diamonds are the most expensive shapes you could get, while other shapes such as marquise and pear are less. Additionally, each cut has a different price tag per carat. If you give more importance to the diamond’s size than its shape, you can get more carat at a more favourable price when you opt for an alternative form to the classic round-cut diamond.

Choose the material for the band

Engagement rings are traditionally made of yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or silver. However, over the past couple of years, rose gold has risen as a fresher and more modern alternative.

While platinum may resemble silver, platinum bands are significantly more costly as these elements are rare and have a greater density. Additionally, some metals get scratches easier than others, so it might help consider your partner’s lifestyle. Moreover, stones set in the band is also a thing you might want to consider.

Get your measurements right

When picking the right engagement ring, the measurement is something you should never neglect. While it might be challenging to consider everything else to make your engagement ring perfect, the fit should be. Your engagement ring should fit comfortably–not too loose, nor too tight.

If you are not shopping for an engagement ring together with your significant other because you plan to surprise her, you would have to make an extra effort to get this step right. If your partner usually wears rings, this part would be one less problem for you as you can secretly take your partner’s ring to a jeweller and be guided by a ring chart. However, if this is not exactly the case, you might have to ask for additional help from your partner’s friends.

Decide on your diamond’s colour and clarity

When deciding on the specifics of a diamond for your engagement ring, you should never underestimate its clarity and colour. These things are what makes your diamond flawless to the naked eye, and even the slightest difference in choices that involve your colour and clarity is immense.

To fully understand the difference between the colour of I, J, and D, it is not enough that you do your research. It is best to consult a highly experienced jeweller to help you choose the perfect ring for your partner.

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Consider how your engagement ring would look alongside your wedding ring

While having your mindset on finding the perfect engagement ring might already be challenging for you, try to zoom out and look at the bigger picture. Before committing to making the big step of buying an engagement ring, you should consider how it would look alongside your wedding ring.

In essence, while choosing the perfect engagement ring might be challenging, there is no need to be intimidated by the myriad of selections you are bound to encounter. By following the tips above, you now know the basics of choosing the perfect engagement ring!

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