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How to Pick the Right Lingerie Set for Your Body

Lingerie Set

Lingerie is both a celebration of the female form and a daily necessity. But understanding your body type is crucial to selecting lingerie that showcases your charms. A lingerie that presents you at your gorgeous best is the foundation of confidence and there’s nothing sexier than confidence.

Lingerie is a glorious gift to women. When you slip into something lacy, you revel in your femininity. But when you choose it, keeping your body type in mind points you at lingerie that enhances your seductive energy.

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Knowing the shape of your body and the type of lingerie that presents it at its stunning best is your secret weapon. Let’s find out how to pick the right lingerie set for your body, wrapping yourself in beautiful undergarments that make the most of what you’ve got.

The Shape of You

Women’s bodies are diverse. While the basic framework is global, the details within it vary wildly. But those details may be summarized in five basic types:

  • Hourglass – full upper body, small midsection, full lower body
  • Apple – round fullness that increases to the midsection, then decreases to the lower body
  • Triangle – small upper body tapering out to a fuller lower body
  • Inverted Triangle – full upper body tapering into a small lower body
  • Rectangle – lines of body consistent from shoulders to hips with little to no variation

Now that you’ve determined your body type, let’s explore how the right lingerie set speaks your body’s unique language.

Body Language

Lingerie Set

Your hourglass amazons are at your bountiful best when going full retro pinup. Your classic shape harkens back to the era of the notorious wolf whistle, so work it. Choose a pushup bra to consolidate your assets. A high-waist panty pumps up the retro vibe while containing your luscious curves.

The fresh, saucy apple gal finds her shape’s secret weapon in the ultra-feminine babydoll. Emphasizing your abundance with an empire waistline, the babydoll slips over your curves, ending at your hips. Briefs that sit just above your hip bones with a higher cut leg opening lengthen your shapely legs, enhancing their endless appeal.

The glorious triangle body type lovelies will look their delectable best in a deeply plunging, lacy, or frilled bra. Your swinging hips don’t get to steal the whole show, but they should be enhanced for their curvaceous charms. So, match your plunging bra with mid-rise panties featuring plentiful frills or lace at the band.

As for all your inverted triangle sirens, boyshorts, or silk cami-panties bring those hypnotic hips of yours to the fore with embellishments like lace or frills heightening the effect. With your wide shoulders and bodacious bosom, play it sassy but sophisticated. Your slinky hips don’t lie but your lush upper body is the cradle of seduction.

Rectangle vixens find their bold best friend in the one-piece, high-cut leg bodysuit. Rock a naughty spy vibe with a deep V neckline to bring the kind of noise that signals a thrilling night of international intrigue.

Size Matters

Lingerie Set

While some lingerie is reserved for special, intimate occasions, all your lingerie should fit. There’s nothing more annoying than the bite of elastic in the wrong place just as you’re zooming in for the main event.

So, let’s get out that measuring tape to make sure you know where you stand in terms of sizing. Most of your lingerie will be worn under clothes and the way it fits determines how your style is translated to the world around you.

A good fit means your lingerie doesn’t make a surprise appearance – no bra strap sliding down your arm and no elastic biting you where it shouldn’t. Lingerie that fits well is the basis of classic style.

How to pick the right lingerie set for your body is a matter of knowing your body shape and what looks best on it. The right fit is the delicious icing on the cake, pulling everything together to maximize the splendor of your body.

When you’re wearing the right lingerie, you glow with confidence because you know you’re rocking the moment. With these simple pointers, you’ll be rocking it like the savvy lingerie stylist you were born to be.

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