How to Look Stylish When You Need to Impress


There are many occasions in life where we want to make a big impression. Whether it’s a first date, a big meeting with a client, or a reunion with loved ones you haven’t seen in a while, there will be times where you’ll want to look good. Looking good makes you feel more confident in yourself and allows you to feel look stylish in control of the situation, so here’s how anyone can easily become more stylish.

Rent a luxury car

If you’re not quite at the point where you can afford a luxury car, why not rent one? Lots of people rent luxury cars for special occasions, as it means they can arrive in style and feel confident behind the wheel. This is perfect for when you need to visit a client and come across as successful. Look for a Mercedez Benz for rent, and you can arrive in a top-of-the-line model that will no doubt turn heads and let you make a grand entrance.

Dress and accessories sharply

Being stylish isn’t just about throwing on a suit. What’s important is how you wear your clothes and your overall style.

You can instantly elevate any outfit by:

  • Having clothes tailored – this is inexpensive and makes them look much more expensive and stylish
  • Taking care of your clothes – pay attention to care labels and wash your clothes according to instructions. If clothes are dry clean only, don’t try to stick them in the washing machine, as this can ruin them
  • Stick to classic styles and invest in quality staples rather than fast fashion
  • Add subtle, understated accessories

Perhaps the most important accessories in men’s clothing are shoes. You don’t need shoes to go with every single outfit, but you should put together a men’s footwear collection that gives you suitable shoes for every occasion. For example, a pair of brogues for smart outfits, white trainers for casual days, and loafers for a business casual look.

Get to the barbers

While you might shave and do your own hair at home, going to barbers will give you a much sharper look. Many barbers also offer a wet shave, which includes moisturizing products for a smooth finish. Barbers are now reopening post-COVID, so it’s worth getting some pampering in to make yourself look and feel better. Men should also consider getting manicures and pedicures, especially if they have ragged nails or dry skin, as this gives you a cleaner look.

There are many ways that men can look more stylish. It’s often the little things that make a big difference, so if you want to make a big impression, you simply need to focus on the details such as grooming. When you need to impress, it’s also worth making plans in advance, whether that’s by renting a car or planning a trip to the barber for some pampering and to finish off the look. What’s most important is being confident, so you should do the things that make you feel good, as this will make the biggest impression.

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