How to Keep an Active Child Engaged

keep child engaged

Parents have it really tough these days. They need to juggle work and business obligations, household chores, take care of kids, and on top of all, keep them meaningfully engaged. What definitely made life even harder was the pandemic outbreak and the accompanying lockdown. Parents needed to be really creative and innovative to keep an active child engaged while forced to spend time in the house. What was really challenging was the extra hyperactive kids.

There are countless types of amusing toys as well as a myriad of amusing opportunities the Internet has brought. However, it seems somehow even more difficult to keep kids engaged nowadays, with all these options. Luckily, it just SEEMS that way. You just need some help in being creative with keeping your active child engaged. Keep reading to learn more about the best ways to keep an active child busy and out of trouble. Some examples include organizing a toy wash, setting up a building blocks competition, and installing an indoor golf course. Other things kids can do are some kind of painting and a dance-off.

1.   Organize a toy wash

Organizing a toy wash is a great summertime activity that will keep your kids engaged. What’s more, it’s also useful as toys get cleaned! So, it’s one fewer job for you. You can organize it indoors in the tub, or even better, outdoors. You need to fill something such as a tub, sink, or a huge bowl with warm water. You also need some mild detergent and some soft sponges. Before the washing, you can instruct kids to sort toys in different boxes. For instance, one box can be for stuffed animals, another for cars, dolls, and other things. Show them how to do it correctly and provide clean towels for wiping them when finished and dried a bit.

2.   Set up a building blocks competition

Learning how to use building blocks to create something new is an essential part of building fine motor skills. Due to its importance to the overall physical development of your children, it is an integral part of plausible child care programs. So, it’s an activity that will not only keep your kids engaged, but will also be highly beneficial for their development. Depending on your children’s age, you should use suitable building block sizes. Lego offers countless options when it comes to building different things. It is an excellent way to help your kids develop fine movements with their fingers and hands.

3.   Install an indoor golf course

Kids love being physically engaged, but it’s sometimes difficult to do it indoors. When they are bored, kids tend to throw the ball around the house or potentially create some damage. So, to prevent that from happening, you should always provide them with things to do. One fun way to do that is with an improvised indoor golf course. You can create a course with some obstacles and provide your kids with some ping pong or sock balls to golf them around. To create obstacles you can use plastic bowls or cones. And if you don’t have real golf clubs, you can use something else as a replacement, such as a fly-swatter or a mini stick.

4.   Paint some rocks (or other things)

paint kids

Another thing kids really love is painting. So, you can engage them in some painting activities. It doesn’t have to be basic paper painting. They can paint some rocks or other things. You can extend the activity by going rock collecting first. You can use the rocks for decoration in your yard or balcony. Make sure that you provide the kids with the right painting tools. And who knows, perhaps within your kid lies a talented artist!

5.   Have a dance-off

Besides painting, what kids also love is dancing. Nowadays, there are many interactive ways in which kids can dance. There are Wii and Xbox games that require them to follow some moves and dance to them. There are also phone apps you can use as well. This is a sure way to get your kids all good and tired!

These are just some of the ways to keep your active kids busy and engaged. There are plenty of other things they can do, you just need to give them some ideas. You can use the internet and find out more about additional fun activities to do.

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