How to Improve Mitochondrial Functioning for Better Health?

By improving lifestyle choices, diet, and intaking mitochondrial support supplements, it is possible to improve and enhance the mitochondrial function of the body. Improving and optimizing this function indicates enhancing energy levels in the body and advancing immunity. Scientists too believe that if we improve the intake of supplements that help in ATP production, it may become possible to enhance mitochondrial health. For instance, the proteins that assist in ATP production also help the body reduce oxidative stress, as they work as antioxidants.

This article will review how some mitochondrial support supplements can enhance mitochondrial functioning.

Mitochondrial Functioning

Ways to Improve Mitochondrial Functioning

Below we have discussed methods and mitochondrial support supplements that can increase mitochondria count in cells. However, for an improved impact, it is best to consult your doctor before adopting any diet or taking any supplement.

Now, evaluate how you can improve mitochondrial functioning with a few supplements:

1.      Intermittent Fasting

When we follow intermittent fasting, we intake food for a few hours only and fast for the rest of the day. For instance, fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8 hours. This action reduces the energy levels, which leads to an increase in NAD+ levels in the body. An increase in NAD+ improves mitochondrial functioning and ATP production, which causes an increase in ATP levels in the body.

2.      Keto Diet

keto diet

It is believed that a keto diet can turn your body from carbs to fats. The keto diet increases the fat content in the body and decreases the carbs that we intake. This produces ketone bodies, which are small molecules that help in ATP production. Usually, glucose is used for ATP production but during the keto diet, ketone molecules help in ATP production. Many research papers believe that this action improves mitochondrial functioning by producing high ATP and improving comprehensive cellular health.

3.      Awareness of Fructose

Fructose is a fruit sugar that inhibits proper cellular energy production or mitochondrial function. While fructose is important for the body, restricting the intake of it for two portions in a day is favorable. It will reduce the intake of extra fruit sugar that can impair cellular energy production.

4.      Mitochondrial Support Supplements

Below we have discussed some mitochondrial support supplements that aid mitochondrial functioning in the body. Let’s see how:

Malic Acid

One of the important supplements is malate or malic acid that improves the energy production cycle of mitochondria. According to this study, malic acid can improve NAD+ levels or availability in the body, which helps in ATP production. This acid also improves NADPH levels that act as an antioxidant in the body, which again improves mitochondrial functioning.

As per the given study, malic acid helped in improving mitochondrial functioning in 14 males, which enhanced endurance and exercise strength in these individuals.


Oxaloacetate is another product that is created at the time of the Krebs cycle and you can take this mitochondrial support supplement separately as well.

In a study, mice were given oxaloacetate injections for at least 2 weeks, which improved the count of mitochondria in the body. This was inferred as the proteins that helped in ATP production were increased in the body, as a result of which mitochondrial functioning improved.


Apigenin is a substance that is found in vegetables and fruits. When in a trial, obese mice were offered apigenin, it helped in NAD+ breakdown. This improved SIRTI and NAD+ levels in the body, which increased protein that helps in proper mitochondrial functioning.

Further, it is known that stress reduces the efficiency of mitochondrial functioning. The apigenin mitochondrial support supplement also helps reduce cellular stress, which reduces damage to mitochondrial functioning.


Niacinamide or nicotinamide is a food vitamin, which is often offered as a medical supplement, is a major component in vitamin B3 production. This mitochondrial support supplement is the predecessor of NAD+. As a result, niacinamide helps in improving NAD+ in the body, which optimizes mitochondrial functioning.

According to a study in a rat model, niacinamide can help in eliminating energy depletion in rat brains.

In yet another study, it was revealed that nicotinamide could help in fragmenting dysfunctional mitochondria. This helps in reducing dysfunctional cells in the body while still improving mitochondrial functioning in the body.

Lipoic Acid

Lipoic acid is a natural substance that occurs in the energy production cycle through glycolysis. This support supplement is known to reduce the mitochondrial dysfunction associated with aging.

In a mice model, lipoic acid eliminated the chances of mitochondrial dysfunction that is caused due to hypothermia.


Mitochondrial Functioning

When you are trying to improve mitochondrial functioning, you require a multi-faceted approach. Just thinking that energy in and out is the same would not contribute to the comprehensive health of the body. Think of how a car requires diesel or petrol as well as oil, servicing, etc. to keep in shape. Similarly, our body needs healthy energy-producing processes, which are achieved with mitochondrial functioning. The above mitochondrial support supplements can help you generate cellular energy and optimize mitochondrial functioning. However, remember to consult your doctor before consuming supplements and following other methods. This will help you move in the right direction.

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