How To Find Someone On Snapchat If You Don’t Know Their Username

find without username

You may have recently created a Snapchat account and are curious to find someone on Snapchat. You can easily find your friends’ usernames by using the search box. What if the username is not available?

Don’t worry; it is a common concern. It’s fun to share social media with your friends. We will be discussing how to find people on Snapchat, even if you don’t know their username.

It’s as simple as taking selfies with your friends to find new friends. To find the easiest and best ways to make friends, read the next section.

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You won’t miss any details about your friends’ lives. Snapchat allows you to peek into the lives of your friends. Find them on Snapchat using the below methods and have some fun.

Add Someone on Snapchat by Snapcode

Are you curious to know how to search for friends on Snapchat? Snapchat allows users to create their Snapcodes. These codes function in a similar way to QR codes. Snapcodes can be scanned via Snapchat. Then, you can follow the Snapcode.


Celebrities and famous people are using Snapcodes to make it easy for users to follow them. Snapcodes can be used to add as many people as you like.

You will see the “Add Friends” preference when you view your profile page. You will see two options when you click to add friends. The first is for all contacts, while the second is to scan Snapcode.

add friend snapchat

The saved Snapcodes can be accessed via scan Snapcode. After scanning the Snapcode correctly, you will see a profile on your screen. Add the Snapchat user to your friend list.

Find Nearby Snapchat Users


You can also add nearby Snapchat users. This option is positioned under the “Add Friends” selection. You should make sure that your device’s location is turned on.

This allows Snapchat to find nearby users. Snapchat will scan nearby users and display their profiles on your screen. This will enable you to add people nearby to your Snapchat.

Find Someone’s Snapchat Username


This is the easiest way to find friends on Snapchat using your Snapchat account. Go to the Snapchat app, and click on Add friends.

Go for Snapchat search by name, you can use the username option. In the Snapchat member search bar, type in your username. Based on your input name, the Snapchat app will suggest Snapchat users.

Once you’ve found the person you want, add them as a friend. Snapchat makes it easy to find the most relevant person because Snapchat offers all relevant searches.

Final Thoughts: Snapchat Is A Great Way To Find Someone You Love

You can use the app’s excellent birthday lens to find out when your friend is celebrating.  Adding friends makes it more fun.

Now you should be able to search for someone on Snapchat without having to enter a username. Share snaps with them and see how they click. This will help you take your friendship to the next level.

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