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How to delete Zomato order history

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Zomato is one of the best online food delivery applications that one can use for ordering food online. Zomato allows its users to choose a particular place from where they can order food amongst a plethora of different restaurants and cafes.

It also provides an option of Zomato gold with the help of which users can experience multiple discounts to order food or even when they go out to dine in. The food delivery application provides a discount and enables the buyer to select codes from various options.

It will also enable the users to pay online with the help of in-app payment options, credit/debit card options, or from UPI. As it is an online application, it will keep the history and record of the purchase and order inside the application itself.

Many users don’t like to keep a record of their order history for multiple reasons. No matter the reasons in the following blog, we will guide how to hide or delete your order history from the Zomato application.

Instead of deleting, many users want to hide or archive for keeping that as a surprise or for other reasons. It is also possible that they want other people to see their orders.

How to delete order history from Zomato?

Honestly, there is no way to delete your order history from Zomato permanently; even if you delete your account, it keeps a record of your order. But you can choose to archive your purchase order history to hide it from others.

Let us see below how to hide your Zomato history from the Zomato application.

How to hide your Zomato history?

It is straightforward to hide your Zomato history if you wish to do so. Here are the steps to hide the order if you use a desktop or mobile phone. Steps to hide order:

  • You need to login into your Zomato account by going to the browser and opening the Zomato website.
  • From the upper right corner of the screen, you can select “return and order”.
  • By clicking on that option, you will find a list of items that you have ordered within the last three months. Once you find the order, you can click on view order details to hide or remove it.
  • To hide the order, you can click on archive order. But you can still check for archive orders in your account.
  • If the order you want is not from the selected months, you can modify the settings according to the month you wish.

How to delete Zomato order history from the application

Following are the steps to show you how to delete order history from the Zomato application through your mobile phone.

  • Sign up for the Zomato application on smartphones or tablets.
  • Then you can scroll to your orders and find the exact item or order you want to hide.
  • For hiding or deleting it, tap to view order details and then archive order.

You need to understand that none of the orders you try to hide will get deleted entirely from your account. To see the orders again, you can go to your account page, select shopping preferences, and then archive the order from the menu.

By clicking on the unarchived order button next to the order, you will be able to check all the previously hidden orders and return them to the main list of orders.

Nevertheless, if you have combined browsing history on Zomato, there is a method to clear the data. You can go through the steps mentioned below to get detailed information.

  • Go to Zomato, and you can quickly sign in using your account information.
  • On the top left corner of your screen and select browsing history.
  • To remove a particular item from your browser history, you can select remove from view under the product.
  • Likewise, you can also select the manage history menu and click remove all things from the view to erase the whole list.
  • You can also put the slider next to turn browsing history on or off to the off position if you don’t want the Zomato application to record your browsing history.


I hope you will get the information on how to delete Zomato order history by following the steps mentioned above in the blog. But as said earlier, it is not possible to delete the history permanently, but you can temporarily hide or archive it. You can also develop an app like Zomato, where you can provide an option to delete Zomato’s order history permanently.

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