How to convince children to not burst crackers on Diwali?

Many people saying that they do not want to burn firecrackers but their children do not listen. It is the most common excuse on their part as they can make their kids understand in many ways. Some kids spoil because they do not make efforts to make their children understand the right things or do not do the right things for the same. Parents sometimes get so busy in their work and so tired out of their work that they find it hard to teach the right lessons to their offspring. What is the use of your money if your children have become spoiled and have started taking drugs? Parents should understand that it is equally important to spend quality time with their offspring so that the latter can learn good things from the former. Similarly, it is crucial to enjoying the festival of Diwali together along with giving Diwali gifts to india online to kids. Children are not going to follow your instructions if you keep on saying the same things to them again and again. There are certain tricks with the help of which you can influence them to do the right things and the following are some of these methods.

By buying them their favorite items

This trick can be used if your child wants to copy his or her fellow mate who has brought crackers. Some children brat about the things they have in order to make other children feel jealous and with this influence, other children also insist on buying the same things.

It is completely fine to bribe your kids with their favorite clothes and shoes which means that you can tell them to have their favorite clothing item which they always wanted to have, however, the item should be useful. You can buy them more quantity of their food item which should be healthy and durable as well, in place of crackers. There are many food items that can be kept for a long time and it does not mean that these contain preservatives.

By setting example

It is rightly said that actions speak louder than words, hence telling your kids to do things that you yourself do not do is not a good approach by you for improving your kids. Small kids usually copy the actions of those people whom they love. You would have probably seen the kids copying the actions of their teacher whom they love and if the teacher wants to teach them a good habit of throwing their garbage in the dustbin, then he or she should start doing this. Parents can take their children to orphanages in order to make them realize that they should not waste money on unnecessary things as there are many who can not even afford fundamental needs. They can teach their offspring to help others who are in need of purchasing diwali gifts chocolate boxes for children of orphanages. It is not required to tell everything to your kids because they just follow your actions. The importance of your words can be lost if you say them again and again, therefore do not just say but do.

By teaching them other aspects of Diwali

You should teach your kids the history of every festival so that they remain connected to their roots and this is also significant for their own identification. They should have knowledge about the origin of their culture and traditions. You should tell them the main rituals of Diwali and the history of it in which there is no mention of the burning of firecrackers which can influence them not to burst crackers.

By making them aware about the harmful effects of firecrackers

Children sometimes make mistakes because they are unaware and this can happen even with adults. You can tell your kids how these create air and noise pollution which further can cause loss to the environment as air pollution is the reason for the rising of earth’s temperature. You can tell the other harms of these bursts that these can cause injuries and accidents. People can become handicapped or even lose their lives owing to these crackers. The noise of these can disturb animals who are innocent and they can even be injured accidentally.

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